From Worthless to Worthy

In addition to functioning  as a full-time ordained minister, evangelist, and youth pastor  Tammie Southerland is a Certified Life Coach and Biblical Counselor, and she specializes in deep inner healing and breaking free those bound by sexual abuse, addictions, self-harm, and sexual sin. Having experienced the pain of sexual abuse personally she is able to offer empathy as sell as a sympathy but also a honest look at the victory that can be attained though, first and for most, relationship with Christ and then proper biblical counseling and inner-healing. At this time Tammie is also empowering those within in the ministry to reach beyond just personal victory into helping and ministering to others.
Part of the Frontline Ministries mission is to train up a generation in the ministry of Jesus Christ and this goal includes training them to counsel others with sound biblical methods. In September of 2014 Frontline Ministries will offer publicly a program called from “Worthless to Worthy”.  Tammie has been leading young ladies through this program for years as the Lord brings them to her.  This is a intense 6 week counseling program that makes way for deep healing and instills and awakens true God given worth, value, and destiny. This program offers a transition out of needing personal one-on-one professional counseling (victim/ feelings of worthlessness) into being a part of and even leading Peer Group Studies (victor/revelation of worthiness) and  as of September 2014  FM will offer a third level that can lead into a certificate in Lay Biblical Counseling or Biblical Studies. The idea is to not only to  heal deep wounds but to offer  depth into the Word of God, to transform, and transition the whole person in to his or her God given destiny.

“We are all worthy of the calling but we fall short if we do not know our worth! Our personal worth is found in the person of Jesus Christ. In Christ all I can do all things! In Christ I am accepted and not rejected! In Christ I have destiny! In Christ I an NOT Worthless but I am Worthy!” ~ Charity (Worthless to Worthy Graduate)[envira-gallery id=”462″]

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