You Can Burn Freely

…and never see your passion die again!

Tammie Southerland was on fire. She never expected her life to demonstrate anything other than the zeal of God’s heart for His people. She was going to change the world and see millions come to know her Jesus with the same passion and desire. Until the lies and obstacles began.

Permission to Burn will take you on a journey of truth and

  • Release the weight of God’s glory and recommission the believer in Christ to live out his or her identity as a holy messenger
  • Awaken the courage to proclaim the undeniable truth amid a dangerously confused generation
  • Impart keys to living the holy, consecrated, yet exhilarating Spirit-filled lifestyle
  • Call forth a scriptural plumbline of reformation to the modern church and leadership structure
  • Bind together the hearts of seasoned leaders and young believers for a sustainable last-days Holy Spirit outpouring

Read Permission to Burn, get back on the mountain God gave you, and take your place in setting this world on fire with love for Jesus in your generation.