Receive the practical fundamentals of living a lifestyle of holy hunger, staying on fire, and the knowledge you need to mature into a stronger believer from Tammie Southerland.

Tammie is a passionate lover of Jesus, a wife, mother of three, iterate speaker and published author.

Tammie ignites revival and is on a mission to find and advance the pure-fiery-messengers of God across the earth catch her show Burning Messengers on Youtube and with Destiny Image.    Through her ministry, Tammie shares a prophetic messages, free Spirit-filled content, and fiery lover of Jesus.

Let’s set this generation and the next ablaze!

Spurred to prayer by tragedy, pain, frustration, or raw hunger for God, you’ve felt it: the joyful anguish, the grief-longing, the burden for mercy, reformation, revival, justice–even Christ’s return. Your heart is gripped, and words cannot express all that is churning deep in your soul.

It’s here, in this holy ground beyond human language, where mysteries are unveiled, authority is imparted, and the most powerful prayers are birthed–not by you, but by the Holy Spirit within you. Through biblical insight, prophetic impartations, and fiery encouragement, intercessory leader Tammie Southerland empowers you to

· yield to the Spirit’s perfect prayers when you have no words left
· intercede with Christ according to the will of heaven
· live as a faithful witness and bold messenger who moves in the miraculous
· bear eternal fruit in crisis, setbacks, and persecution

You’ve been gripped for a purpose. Step into the transformative dimension of wordless prayer and become a lightning rod for heaven to manifest on ear

The Podcast

Prophetic, powerful, and pure messages of throne room revelation from voices who live to gaze on the beauty of Jesus. Join Tammie Southerland and influential guests as she speaks with wit, wisdom, and prophetic revelation from personal experience in blending family with a lifestyle of prayer, study, and ministry.

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