Tammie Southerland

Tammie Southerland

Co-Founder, Senior Leader, Speaker, Prayer Missionary

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🚨URGENT WORD “MANY ARE CALLED, BUT FEW ARE CHOSEN” (MATTHEW 22:18) MANY ARE INVITED, BUT FEW SAY YES… 👀 He said: ”I have more for you. And I am offering you something that I’ve offered many in your generation- but they could not put down their phones.” These are the words the Lord spoke to […]

Tammie Southerland is a wife, mother of three, author, revival forerunner, prophetic messenger, and fiery lover of Jesus. Tammie is the heart of Frontline Ministries and founder and director of The FireHouse Prayer Furnace, and Burning Ones Academy. She is ministerally covered by Billy Humphrey, Director of The International House of Prayer- Atlanta.  Tammie is a passionate fighter for the consecrated Bride of Christ to arise with boldness and wonder of her Bridegroom Jesus -in these last days!

Tammie and her husband Daymon have pioneered The Carolina’s First mobile 24 hour prayer, worship, and revival prayer movement called Fire on the Altar. For five years they took this amazing, fiery, prophetic prayer, worship, and revival movement to over 25 cities on the east coast and beyond.  Over the past few years they have been working together to establish strong praying communities and mentoring small groups both online and locally in Clemson SC.
Daymon is a Kingdom Business man and has come along side to help his bride transform regions, bringing this generation of consecrated voices out of the caves and commissioning them to be holy, last days, warriors for Jesus! These sons and daughters  are called The Burning Ones they can be found in cities all over the nation. Tammie Hosts an annual conference called Ascend for the Burning Ones.  People come from all over the nation for 24-50 hours of worship, prayer, breaking bread, and teaching .  At the conference as well as on the road they will often be seen ministering along side her in song, prayer and exhortation. It is her delight and joy to see them thrive. Through Tammie and Daymon The Bride is being awakened, a generation is being set ablaze, and the lost are being saved!

Tammie has been featured on radio and television programs such as The Augusta Awakening in Augusta GA and God TV’s Power 4 Today with Ryan LeStrange. She is a sought after prophetic speaker because she speaks, prays, and releases the fiery love of God wherever He takes her. When Tammie ministers the lost are saved, sick are healed, leaders begin to bow to their knees to their “First Love” again, dreamers begin to dream again, and destiny is awakened in hearts that have fallen asleep!

Tammie sounds a call for a generation of people who won’t be content to live on the edges of Christianity but who want to throw themselves into the radical lifestyle of prayer, fasting, and proclamation of the burning Man Himself, Jesus Christ. God is raising up a breed of believers who aren’t just looking for what they can get away with and stay saved, but who are asking a different set of questions, like, “How far will You let me go, and how abandoned will You let me be?” If you are ready to be provoked into a deeper place in your walk with God, Tammie carries the message to take you there.

Corey Russell

Author of The Glory Withinand Ancient Paths



Tammie Southerland has been anointed by God to ignite a fire in the hearts of many for pure and simple-hearted devotion to Jesus. She will stir hunger and holy desire inside your soul for more of Jesus and the Word of God. Tammie is a firebrand, and she is being used to call an army of consecrated messengers forth in these last days.  There is more!

Jeremiah Johnson

Founder of Heart of the Father Ministries

Author of Cleansing and Igniting the Prophetic


When I met Tammie, I was immediately struck by her pure and humble spirit, but there was a strength and boldness and fire in her eyes that made me want to stand a little closer to her. She is of a new breed of firebrands who will reach the next generation with a steady and solid devotion to know Jesus and make Him known. Her life and story will convict and provoke you to get breakthrough in your life over your circumstances and then pick up your sword and advance the kingdom! Permission to Burn—yes, indeed!

Mary Kemp

Pastor of New Life Church, Huston Texas

In every generation, God raises up faithful messengers who compel the church to cling hard and with abandon into the fullness of His divine love. With Permission to Burn,Tammie Southerland emerges with a timely exhortation in the lineage and supernatural grace of those who have embraced the crucible of divine preparation amidst the fellowship of the burning ones. Her voice is nuanced with the prophetic, the personal, and the very practical; making her message for both mature Christians and brand-new believers. 

Jonathan Tremaine Thomas

Founder of Civil Righteousness, Inc.