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America Burns: Civil Unrest, a Prophetic Sign, and an Invitation from the Lord 


In early April, the Lord came to me in a series of dreams, visions, and encounters that all involved fire, storms, oil, and messages of worldwide shaking and waves of global revival. The Lord has focused His attention on the manifestation of His promises. He has allowed sifting and shaking to reveal our need for Him, not because He is some tyrant who is never satisfied with His people but because He has chosen for Himself a mighty generation to move through. God is preparing us for the unspoken cry of our hearts, the manifestation of the sons of God, and glory to cover the earth. He is also revealing sin and corruption that have long hindered love. 


Recently, the Lord said:

“Headlines read ‘America burns, civil unrest, riots, and rebellion’; Still, I say she will burn with holy fire, civil righteousness, and humility—at the wave of My hand will come long-awaited revival and unity among the brethren. Watch and wait. The waves of shaking will continue, as will the waves of My glory, more than at any other time in history.”


I believe we are entering a minimum of three years of shaking and revival—the best of times and the worst of times, so to speak. I myself have been in a season of hiddenness, cleansing, and encounter. As I began to intercede and pray into this word from the Lord, I experienced internal shaking. We have entered into this new era that has been prophesied and will not return to the old. Our heavenly vision is becoming more precise, and the things that mattered before are growing dim. Prophetically speaking, the door to life as we knew it has been shut. The God of unapproachable light is shining, and the darkness will continue to be exposed. 


In this moment of civil unrest in our nation, the following dream is significant as it brings clarity to this current wave of shaking:

A dense, dark green cloud covered the place where we were sheltered in place. With childlike amazement, I reached out to feel the texture of it as it draped over the canopy of the home where I stood with others, watching and waiting on the storm to pass. I remembered revival stories of the tangible glory of God manifesting, as I realized this was no storm but the protective cloud of the glory of the Lord. The cloud moved. Many who were standing with me ran, following the cloud, and left the shelter in wonder. When they hit the streets, they forgot about the glory cloud and began resuming life as before. As I watched, many excitedly started planning events. In the distance, I saw another dark cloud rapidly approaching—a mingle of fire and lightning, a furious storm filled with black smoke and raging fire. I began to warn the others, but few were willing to listen, rather, desiring to get back to life as usual. Strife then entered the brethren, and I saw civil unrest breaking out in the distance. 


The Lord said, “The shaking will continue in waves, but so will My glory. Urge my people to stay covered by the shadow of My glory and not be distracted by the rage of Satan or his lies.”


Shakings lead to the fulfillment of long-awaited promises (Haggai 2, Psalm 2, Acts 2, Hebrews 12, etc.). The enemy’s plans are to destroy and harm, but the Lord comes in and raises a standard against him. We have received an unshakeable Kingdom, and in that, we can rejoice (Hebrews 12:26–27). The Lord will teach us more about His faithfulness in exposing corruption, injustice, and unrest. These things are the beginning of the global contractions in which the Lord had long ago intended to use to birth a great movement as well as His glorious return. 

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God has promised, “Once more I will shake not only the earth but heaven as well.” The words “once more” signify the removal of what can be shaken—that is, created things—so that the unshakable may remain. Therefore, since we are receiving an unshakable kingdom, let us be filled with gratitude, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, “for our God is a consuming fire” (Hebrews 12:29)


We must be careful to close our ears to the false political, social, and religious narratives and tune into the Lord’s voice. Fear, pride, and deception are tools of Satan to control, enrage, and manipulate humanity. Satan loves the brethren warring against one another, and uses corruption to destroy our faith in godly leadership, leading to terror and rebellion. 


How do we counter the enemy’s devices and stand against oppression?


As the church unites in divine empathy, worship, and prayer, the glory of God will manifest, and we will witness Him begin to move. This can and should take place in the streets as well as in the secret place.  As in the dream, we must beware that in our excitement we’ll be tempted to run from His covering as we go into the streets, becoming distracted by ambitious plans and propaganda, soon filled with division and unbelief. Be still, stand watch, and discern Satan’s rage, rhetoric, and deception. Only move in sync with the glory and fire of the Lord and resist the Accuser. With intention, the Lord is maturing all who will humble themselves and trust Him. His plan is to protect and prepare us for times when “even the elect will be deceived” (Matthew 24:24). Our response to increased unrest and who we choose to believe will determine our ability to discern His voice as increased global shaking and revival continue to manifest. The past is gone. The Lord has shifted the globe into a new time. Do not look back. Stay close to the Lord, know His Word, and recognize His voice. 


He says, “I am coming with spiritual violence. I am coming to gloriously judge everything that hinders love in this land and in the nations. I come with mighty waves of My glory, holy fire, and encounters of relentless love.” The movement of justice and kind judgment of the Lord is steady and unwavering. Fear not; the Lord is manifesting our hearts’ desires! The great harvest of souls and the mighty move of His Spirit has come. Let us take on the countenance of the Lord, who laughs at the plotting of feeble man against Him, His plan, and His Anointed One (Psalm 2:1-4). 


He is never worried; therefore, neither should we be. He looks at His Son, as Satan rages, and laughs and says, “Ask of me, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance.” As the waves of shaking continue, the Lord will use the enemy’s plans to expose, judge, and remove corruption and injustice in His people and our systems, and harvest souls. He is an all-consuming fire yet delights in showing mercy. The ways of the Lord are good, just, and true. God will release waves of revival and glory and rebuild what was destroyed by the fires of rebellion against Him and His. Every eye will see, every tongue will confess, the Kingship of Jesus. Our hope cannot be found in the government of man but in that of the Lord (see Psalm 20:6-8). 


We must turn our eyes from worthless things and false narratives. There is a call going forth to the oppressed to join the Lord around the throne of heaven. He is releasing an invitation to ascend higher into the realm of the spirit. He is saying, “Do not resist the shaking, for I am abasing the prideful and exposing the corrupt.” 


America Will Burn Like Never Before & Harvest Is Coming


The fullness of sin and the fullness of souls mature together.  The wheat and tares grow together, but at harvest, the tares are separated from the wheat, and the chaff and tares are burned together (Matthew 13:24-30). The burning is twofold: the destruction of the false and the promised outpouring of the purifying glorious fire of God (see Matthew 3:11, Acts 2). 


God uses the enemy’s plan for evil to bring forth the great move of His Spirit and to remove the land’s defilement (Revelation 19:19-21). Beloved, know that the movement of God is destroying the progress of the enemy. Healing will come, and a wounded, divided generation will be healed. America will burn with holy fire and relentless love. The Lord is a great defender who loves both mercy and justice. Minority cultures and oppressed people groups, our Father sees you and is working on your behalf. Trust in Him. Authorities of all spheres, God has anointed you to stand your post in righteousness; do not be moved. We need you to refuse to give in to the Enemy’s narrative. Our Father is a good defender.


The Lord is flushing demonic schemes into the open for all to see. We must be on guard and watchful over our hearts, knowing that even in shaking that we have an unshakable kingdom full of glory! Rejoice Always! 


Tammie Southerland is an Author, Prophetic Revivalist, and Podcast Host of CPN’s Voice of the Burning Ones. 


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