What if a sweeping revival was on the horizon, ready to embrace and uplift the current generation? Imagine a tsunami of spiritual awakening, uniting all generations in humility and mature discipleship, originating from the most unexpected source – Generation Z.

This episode reveals the prophecy of this youth revival and the profound impact it will have on the world. In the wake of suffering, we believe waves of glory will break forth, and we share our insights on how the fear of the Lord will trigger this awakening. As we navigate this thought-provoking episode, we delve into the importance of genuinely connecting with the scriptures and how it can seal our hearts from anything that doesn’t come from the Lord. We discuss how, in the face of adversity, relying on God’s wisdom can lead us to a place of protection and purification. It’s not just about reading the scriptures – it’s about letting God’s words root deep within us, providing guidance and strength in times of hardship. Join us as we explore these themes, and make sure to tune in next week for more enlightening discussions. If our words resonate with you, please take a moment to rate and review the show. Where to dive in: (0:00:00) – Youth Revival and Waves of Glory (12 Minutes) We discuss the coming of a youth revival, a shaking and the waves of glory that will come from it. We explore how suffering brings glory, how the fear of the Lord will come and how the Lord is releasing a tsunami of awakening among Generation Z. We speak to how this is not just about Gen Z, but also Generation X and other generations, and how they will come together to lock arms in humility and maturity of discipleship. We look at how the Lord is the head of this move and how the gates of hell will not prevail against it. (0:12:05) – Sealing and Connecting With the Scriptures (1 Minutes) Subscribe now to not miss out on next week’s episode, and if this word touched your heart, please rate and review the show. God will seal our hearts from anything that is not from Him, and allow His words to take root deep within us. Allowing suffering can bring glory, and trusting God to do the work will bring us into a place of protection and purification.

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Tammie Southerland is the host of Burning Messengers and the author of Permission To Bur: Breaking the Chains of Compromise from a Holy Generation. She is also a speaker and prophetic minister. She releases the sound authentic of revival and messages from heaven as she travels. Her lifestyle is one of prayer and digging deep into the Word of God, her desire is to releasing the Heart of The Father in these last days. She moves in power ministry and is known for releasing the Matthew 3:11 “baptism of Holy Fire” as she goes. ⁠

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Full Transcript

0:00:00 – Tammie Southerland
The waves of glory will come. Glory, as it says in Romans 8, comes from the place of Suffering. Out of suffering we begin to see glory formed. So the fire will come to burn up the things that he does not desire. Persecution will come, negativity will come, backlash Against his move will come, but out of that will come waves of glory. So, even in the height of, of misunderstanding and shaking in the religious realm as well as the world, he will continue to pour out his glory, and I’m talking about weighty glory. Will come, the fear of the Lord will come.

Revival or bust right, that’s always been my cry. It’s been Lord, give me revival or give me death. I’ve shed so many tears over the subject and we’re seeing as Barry, we’re seeing college campuses, we’re seeing God pour out his spirit upon or among young people, but it doesn’t look like what we thought and who could make this stuff up? Jesus Revolution comes out on the very tail of this as very revival, and this movie has been in the making for seven years. Some would say that they planned it this way, though those Christians they. They planned it, they tried to make it that way, this way. But I want to tell you something. When God moves, no man can stop it. And I’ll tell you one thing God, he does it and we can’t make it up Now.

It was I don’t know many years ago that I was a youth pastor and God began to speak to me about a coming youth revival. And so, when I was a youth pastor, I was traveling and I was ministering, doing what? 24 hour worship and prayer gatherings all Over the nation. We were bringing together people of different churches, different denominations, coming together to center around one thing, and that’s the lamb worship him around the clock, without any kind of agenda or any kind of formula. But as a youth pastor, I would come back and I would see that my youth were not on Fire. They just wanted to play games, they wanted to have pizza parties and I wanted them to fast and pray.

So one Saturday, I was crying out to the Lord God, when will you release a youth revival? And all of a sudden, I saw a vision of my daughter, who at the time, was only 10 or so years old, and I have three daughters and they are three years apart, so this is my oldest daughter. I see a vision of her with her hands raised and tears Streaming down her face and I heard the Lord say when your daughters are teenagers, I will release a revival Among my children like the world is yet seen. Be patient and wait for me, for it’s coming and the sons and the daughters will run Together. Well, I want you to know that you may not care about how old my children are, but I fully care because I’ve been standing on that word all of these years. My oldest daughter that I saw in the vision will be 18 years old and going to college in this this summer. My middle daughter, it, will be 15 years old and my youngest daughter will be 12 years old. She’s 11 right now. So I believe that this is a benchmark moment where the Lord is fulfilling what he has promised.

If you’ve seen any of the other Revival or prophetic alerts on this page, you will know that I have already spoken of this revival, that God is moving through Gen Z. But this is what the Lord is saying. This is only the beginning. It will come and it will continue to come.

Asbury was just the beginning. That was an awakening of the release of the Holy Spirit into denominations who believe that he has ceased and pouring out his spirit. He is moving in the power and in mercy over denominations right now, that he wants to know that he is still blowing his wind even in this hour. He’s doing a reminder revival right now, and but what it’s going to do is it’s actually going to turn into a great shaking and waves of glory will come. So there will be shaking and there will be glory and there will be fire. What does that mean? The shaking actually begins to unlock things that need to be unlocked and break down things that need to be broken. We saw in the Asbury revival the sinking ship. We saw that the hand was off of any stardom, any famous voice. Nobody was given the platform that had any kind of clout, only the Lord and these humble students. The Lord is releasing a shaking. The waves of glory will come. Glory, as it says in Romans 8, comes from the place of suffering. Out of suffering we begin to see glory formed. So the fire will come to burn up the things that he does not desire. Persecution will come, negativity will come, backlash against his move will come, but out of that will come waves of glory. So even in the height of misunderstanding and shaking in the religious realm as well as the world, he will continue to pour out his glory and I’m talking about weighty glory will come. The fear of the Lord will come, and this is what the Lord is saying Between 2025 and 2026. There it will be a tsunami of awakening among Gen Z and it will be cross generational.

The Lord wants you to know that this is not just about generation Z. This is about also generation X. I hear the Lord saying generation X, generation X, generation X. I have broken theX off of you. I am releasing you from the place of feeling like the David in the field who has been overlooked. The Lord is saying I’m bringing you in as mothers and fathers to lock arms with Generation Z, as well as the millennial generation, to bring them into the maturity of the movement and maturity of discipleship, to be able to bring them in as those who are willing to eat meat and not only the milk of the word, and the other generations that are above Gen X. The Lord is saying I have not forgotten you, for this is a move where you will lock arms together. This is a move where teams will come together in humility.

The Lord is saying I am the head and those who are unwilling to allow me to bring them into connection with one another as a body who the gates of hell can’t prevail against. Those who are not willing, will not see the fullness of the promises for them personally, but the fullness of the promises of the kingdom will still come to pass. I heard the Lord say that Gen X circuit riders will burn with new fever. Gen X mothers and fathers will run with Gen Z sons and daughters and teach them how to be circuit riders and circuit breakers in humility and, in the same season, protecting their purity. I heard the Lord saying these circuit riders will not come forth as those in the past because they’re willing to submit to the leadership and wisdom and authority of an older generation who will prepare them to not lose their families and their relationships in the process of serving the Lord. For you will serve the Lord and not serve the idol of ministry in this season. Now, I’m not saying this is me talking. I’m not saying that some will not stumble and fall, because they will, but there will be a remnant who will run in purity, honor and holiness will be of deep value of these Gen Z voices. So I want to pray for you right now, if you are in the generation that I am speaking of, gen Z and Gen Alpha, which are the younger ones.

The Lord sees generations as the people upon the earth. He has chosen to pour out his spirit upon those who are willing to go low and to worship him in purity. The Lord sees and knows that you want something real, that you want something that is of him, that that no man can touch. I heard the Lord say he is doing a movement where he is putting together unhewn stones look that up in scripture unhewn stones or or altars that were made by rocks that weren’t cut by man. This was an Old Testament principle, and so, therefore, the Lord is Inviting you in this season, jen X and Jen Alpha, to allow him to pour himself into you, but do not let your heart be hardened.

Turn your hearts particularly to the generation X mothers and fathers who have walked through the seasons of hiddenness and who are willing to stay in hiddenness or go low and not buy into the idolatry of the ministry machine.

This is very important, even though you may not understand this language. Generation X leaders, you who have been hidden like David’s in the field or like Joshua’s in the presence, god is saying, or even like Daniel’s or Shadrach, meshach and Abednego. There’s so many examples, those of you who’ve remained hidden and remained alone, those of you who have even repented of being a part of things that you knew didn’t set right in your spirit. The Lord is saying that he is going to take all of the suffering of that season and he’s going to turn it into wisdom. Ask him for the seven-fold spirit of God to rest on you that you are able to disciple and mentor a generation into lowliness and also full submission to the spirit. And the Lord is asking you will you refuse to put your hands on my move, but only allow me to move through you in humility, in purity, and disciple a generation in the things of God? And for those of you that are in the older generation, I feel like the Lord, even now, is spotlighting you to honor you, the Jesus people movement. He’s honoring you in that movement.

But you have a wisdom to impart of the pitfalls of Lonnie Frisbee, the pitfalls that happened during that movement, to bring about even greater wisdom into the Gen Xers, who are going to begin to be mothers and fathers, to the Gen Zers, even millennials and the generation Alpha. There is hope. Hope is arising, but this is a movement where he’s taking you from being just a Christian into a witness of Christ. So, father, I thank you so much, for those that are watching, that you would seal this word of anything that was not of me, that you would pluck it out and not allow it to take root Everything that is of you, that you would allow it to go deep and allow it to connect with your scriptures, connect with your logos word. Let the Ramah connect with the logos and go root deep into the heart, cover, protect and purify us, even as we say yes to you in this hour in Jesus name.

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