Part of the Frontline Ministries’ mission is to train up a generation in the ministry of Jesus Christ. This goal includes training them to disciple others and confidently step into their God-given destiny. Our desire is to release individuals with a solid foundation into their destiny. Interns will learn to abide in the secret place of prayer, to release the prophetic heart of God with purity and accuracy, to deepen their knowledge of the word of God, gain a heart to serve and minister to “the least and the greatest”, and they will learn the ins and outs of traveling ministry.

Interns will travel and have the opportunity to serve and minister at Frontline Ministries’ events! Interns must beware that we are true pioneers and the work is not for those who desire to fulfill a man-made agenda! We are nameless and faceless here! His agenda is what we seek and His name is to be glorified above all! We are in the beginning stages of a new work in Clemson, SC, and this internship will be a pioneering one! So, IF you are a true pioneer of His presence, we welcome you to the family!

The Burning Ones Equipping School is designed as a time to set oneself apart from the rigors of daily life and be given fully to pursuing the knowledge of the Lord. This internship is an intense season of consecration tailored to young adults who have an ache in their soul to know the deep emotions of the living God. Frontline Ministries provides the perfect environment for those hungering after a more satisfying way of life and thirsting for true intimacy with Jesus. In light of the times, there is no wiser course than investing a season of one’s life as an offering of love in pursuit of God.

God desires to call you by name and mark you for eternity. He desires to pursue you with greater intensity than you could ever pursue Him. Our desire is to provide a context for young adults; those with hunger for God and a passion to know Him intimately, to be equipped and released into a relationship with God that consumes. Ultimately, we are made to know God through encounter and Burning Ones School of Ministry is designed to bring experience in concert with instruction. When both successfully come together, we are introduced to a God that is beyond our imaginations.

This program exists to immerse you in the knowledge of God, to provide an environment of intense intimacy with this uncreated Father who desires to fascinate His children with His beauty, and equip lovesick hearts to pursue this holy, passionate God they will encounter in prayer.


Q. Can I have a  Job during the Internship?

Frontline Ministries is a mission-based ministry. We desire you to be supported as a missionary by the end of the first year.

First-year interns will be able to work locally if they must. They will be able to hold an approved part-time job of not more than 20 hours a week and must have weekends free. They will be taking a course to learn how to be a “fully supported missionary” upon arrival. This course will teach how to make building a support team a part of your life as a missionary!

Second Year Interns and Three Month Track Interns will be expected to devote their full focus on the work of the ministry. Therefore, a part-time job will not be allowed.


Q. What are the enrollment cost and what are they for?

The enrollment cost will help us cover the costs of the School of Ministry and mission trips. We will hold equipping classes on subjects such as evangelism, missions, worship, prayer, fasting, living a life on fire, and more.



Tuition: 700.00 (Housing Not Included)[highlight]FREE  IF YOU ENROLL THROUGH NOVEMBER 2017[/highlight]

Meals are not included.




Tuition: $2,500 (Housing Not Included) [highlight]FREE  IF YOU ENROLL THROUGH NOVEMBER 2017[/highlight]

Meals are not included.



Tuition: $2,500 (Housing Not Included)[highlight]FREE  IF YOU ENROLL THROUGH NOVEMBER 2017[/highlight]

Meals are not included.

** Tuition can be broken down into payments

**** As always we do not EVER want finances to stand in the way of ministry! If  you can not afford tuition please apply anyway we may have  scholarship money or FrontLine Mission Sponsor or willing to help you!

Q. Do I need housing?

Yes, you will need housing in Clemson, SC. We will assist you in finding housing if need be! Please email for more details and for application!

Q. Will I receive credentials or certifications?

Yes! Our one and two-year programs will position you to be a licensed and ordained minister or missionary!

The three-month intensives allow for a certification of completion!

Q. Will there be long term  opportunities available upon completion  of the School of Ministry

Yes, you will be allowed to apply for long-term staff positions and/or be launched as a full-time missionary!