We Need Each Other!

My heart’s desire is to see the body of Christ functioning in unity! David writes of a promise of the Lord about this in Psalm, “For from this realm of sweet harmony, God will release His eternal blessing, the promise of life forever!” (133: 3 TPT). Below is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Permission to Burn, describing how we have witnessed this unity manifest firsthand, out of worshipping the Lord!

Over the past few years, God has given me the privilege of traveling and holding 24-hour continuous worship and prayer events with ministry leaders, worshipers, prayer warriors, musicians, and singers from different ministries and backgrounds. He’s given me the opportunity to gather together those who love Him for 24 hours of fellowship in His presence. Through these meetings, we have received such powerful revelations of His desire to obliterate hindrances like denominations, theologies, and religious formulas. During these meetings, the hearts of the people have been knit together so strongly by the power of being in His presence that we use the word family when we talk about it with one another. Just 24 hours of being with our Father together, with no agenda, causes the walls of division to come tumbling down.

Where there is misunderstanding, the Lord brings understanding by the power of His Spirit. This revelation is awakening in the hearts of His people, enabling them to lay down their differences and enter into a place of worship and prayer that brings unity. This unity has absolutely nothing to do with tolerating one another. Instead, it is about allowing the presence of God to awaken love in our hearts for one another like we’ve never experienced before. In His presence, repentance and reconciliation become more real than the air we breathe. This is not fake tolerance or lukewarm political handshaking that appears to be unity but is not. This is real!

In His presence, we find fullness of joy and unconditional love. In His presence, we can reestablish the foundation work that King David set into place when he established a tent of meeting for the nation to encounter the presence of God (see 1 Chron. 15:1–29). King David established day-and-night prayer and worship as the foundation of a place of meeting. In God’s presence, we find freedom, deliverance, and true awakening (see 2 Cor. 3:17).

When we allow God to move through us however He desires, competition ceases. This is why we must learn to minister to God before we minister to people. Corporate worship and corporate prayer, guided by His Spirit, build a movement that hell can’t stop. In this place, we find the freedom to burn together for Him. Making prayer and worship the foundation allows us to love each other with the love of God in a way that cannot be accomplished by mere human wisdom or mental understanding of the Scriptures. This is why He gave us His Spirit—to awaken us to His heart. “‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty” (Zech. 4:6 NIV).

I would love to hear your stories of how you’ve experienced unity in the body of Christ! Comment below!

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