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Are You A Burning One?


Part of the Frontline Ministries’ mission is to train up a generation to burn for Jesus as a lifestyle.  Too often we experience the fire of God at a conference or service and that fiery beginning ends- for lack of discipleship. Personal revival is very important. Tammie Southerland and her team long to see sustainable revival in individuals. Paul says it this way to the Hebrews:

12 By now you should be teachers. Instead, you need someone to teach you again the first things you need to know from God’s Word. You still need milk instead of solid food. 13 Anyone who lives on milk cannot understand the teaching about being right with God. He is a baby. 14 Solid food is for full-grown men. They have learned to use their minds to tell the difference between good and bad.” ( Hebrews 5:12-14)

  • The milk of the word is beneficial for new believers. But, when was the last time you embraced the challenge of growing up in your faith? Maturity is necessary, right?
  • Do you long to connect with others who want to burn with fiery love for Jesus on a daily bias? Community is important. You will become like those you hang around.
  • Have you walked with the Lord and experienced His presence in church or meeting but have no idea how to actually grow into one who can teacher or mentor others? This ought not be!
  • Do you want signs and wonders to follow after you and bring Glory to Jesus, instead of chasing after things that glorify man?

    Mark 16:17  And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

Burning Ones Academy was created to help you move from the simple principles into the more “meaty” lifestyle of a maturing believer.  We will learn that living a lifestyle of consecration is amazing and that prayer is enjoyable.

We offer community both online and in person. (And when we say family we mean it.)

The Burning Ones will

  • Learn to abide in the secret place of prayer and learn what it really means to commune with Holy Spirit.
  • Release the prophetic heart of God with purity and accuracy from the place of knowledge of the scriptures and intimacy with Him.
  • Experience hunger for the word and daily to deepen their knowledge of the scriptures.
  • Gain a pure heart to serve and minister to God before they minister to man.
  • Become fiery love-sick warriors and leave the sessions knowing how to host the presence of God in everyday life.
  • break the addiction to Church-i-anity.   (Just sitting in a pew week-after-week to get a quick word or encounter and live like hell until Sunday rolls around again.)  Daily pursuit will become their lifestyle.

So, IF you are a true lover of His Word and His presence, we welcome you to the family! Follow Tammie on Social media 

I Want In! What Do I Do Now?

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The Burning Ones Academy is designed as an online coursework and community.

You will engage face to face on Zoom, at gatherings and the Annual Conference; as well as partner events around the nation such as Awaken the Dawn, Tent America, Burn 24/7 gatherings, IHOP-Atlanta, Pink Incense,  conferences and many more.   You will quickly realize you are not alone.

God desires to call you by name and mark you for eternity. He desires to pursue you with greater intensity than you could ever pursue Him. Our desire is to provide a context for growth for those with hunger for God and a passion to know Him intimately, to be equipped and released into a relationship with God that consumes. Ultimately, we are made to know God through encounter and Burning Ones Academy is designed to bring experience in concert with instruction. When both successfully come together, we are introduced to a God that is beyond our imaginations.

This program exists to immerse you in the knowledge of God, to teach you how to cultivate a personal environment of intense intimacy with this uncreated Father who desires to fascinate His children with His beauty, and equip lovesick hearts to pursue this holy, passionate God they will encounter in prayer.

Burning Ones Mentorship Program 

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"I was in a very difficult time of serving the unlovely and suddenly it hit me "I really don't have to burn alone." God has used this company of fiery believers to lift my head and cause my heart to burn for His dreams again. - Daniella Gibbons
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