You Are A Heavenly Messenger: A Spiritual Journey Inspired by Esther and Mordecai


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Watch or listen to it here on the Burning Messengers podcast. Prepare to embark on a spiritual journey that illuminates the essential role of steadfast messengers of God’s truth. This potent discussion will enrich your faith journey as we explore a powerful dream, emphasizing the necessity for valiant individuals to stand up, willing to risk their reputation for gospel truth. Drawing wisdom from the Biblical characters Esther and Mordecai, we’ll underscore the need for genuine prayer and intercession, confronting fear, and embracing our heavenly call during a crisis.

You will uncover the significance of enlightening our children about their identity in Christ and the verity of God’s Word, delving into spiritual warfare’s essence and the necessity of empowering our kids to face it fearlessly. We’ll share parallels from Esther’s readiness to surrender her life for her people to stress the potential sacrifices for Christ’s cause. Wrapping up, we’ll explore fasting’s transformative power, prompting listeners to integrate this spiritual discipline into their lives. This stirring conversation promises a deeper comprehension of your divine calling. So, fasten your seatbelt, tune in, and elevate your faith walk!

Where to dive in:

(0:00:00) – Dream of Esther and Mordecai’s Generation Raising up burning ones, overcoming fear and Jezebel, prophetic intercession, and living a lifestyle of prayer.

(0:14:17) – Teaching Children Truth and Holiness Mordecai’s call to lay down her life is discussed, emphasizing identity, truth, prayer, and intercession to equip kids to stand against spiritual warfare.

(0:21:11) – The Call to Rise and Speak We discuss Esther’s call to action, Mordecai’s plea, and the need for bold voices in positions of influence, exploring the power of intercession and fasting.

About the host: Tammie Southerland is the host of Burning Messengers and the author of Permission To Bur: Breaking the Chains of Compromise from a Holy Generation. She is also a speaker and prophetic minister. She releases the sound authentic of revival and messages from heaven as she travels. Her lifestyle is one of prayer and digging deep into the Word of God, her desire is to releasing the Heart of The Father in these last days. She moves in power ministry and is known for releasing the Matthew 3:11 “baptism of Holy Fire” as she goes. ⁠

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0:00:00 – Tammie Southerland
And we’ve got to know that, listen, we’re on the target, we’re on the radar, and so no longer do we get to edit the truth, no longer do we get to edit the message. It’s not pretty, it’s not nice, it’s not, it can’t be boxed up in something flowery. Hi guys, my name is Tammy Sutherland and I am here with the Burning Messengers podcast, excited today to talk to you about a dream that the Lord gave me just a week and a half ago concerning the rise of voices, certainly like Esther, that proclaim in this hour if I perish, I perish, and also the importance of the mordecai, the generation of men that would actually call women to be a voice in this hour, willing to sacrifice their platforms or the reputation, because, in truth, we really are in a time where we need to understand that if we die, we die because we need to rise up and be a voice in this hour. Thank you so much for joining me Again. I am Tammy Sutherland, I’m the host of the Burning Messengers podcast and if you’re a burning messenger, you’re really going to enjoy this. Maybe you don’t know you are, but what we’re praying for is for God to raise up a billion burning ones all across the earth that are willing to be a voice, willing to preach the message of the gospel, the truth of Jesus Christ, and live in a lifestyle of prayer, in intercession, without compromise. So again, thank you so much for joining me.

I’m just going to start out this podcast real quick with prayer, because that’s what we’re about Jesus at the center. So, father, we thank you so much for the opportunity to share your word. God, I ask you that you would put me on like a coat, that you would wear me, that it just would only be my skin, that there would be nothing between me and you, that every word is your words, and if it’s not your word, let it fall on deaf ears. But if it is your word, as it says in your word, that it would run swiftly and it would accomplish what you’re sending it forth to accomplish. And, laura, open the hearts of all those that are listening, that are watching and that will watch later, god, that you would do a dynamic work in their souls. God, that you would overcome any wrestle with the flesh and learn that you would help them to be who you created them to be in this hour, lord, not just looking for a platform but willing to be a voice at the end of the age who will lay down their life for the truth of who you are and for those who need to know you. All right in Jesus’ name, amen and amen Again. I’m so thankful for you, you guys that are joining me now, you guys that will join me later.

We are in an hour of urgency, which we all know fully. Right, we know we’re in an hour of urgency. Yesterday I went live with prayer and helping us to understand how to pray in an hour of crisis, and some of us have been sitting in a place of just groaning inwardly, mourning and not really understanding how Go back and look for that podcast or that broadcast that I went live both on Facebook and YouTube, talking about how to pray when we have no words to pray in an hour of crisis. I even use exemplify we step into the prophetic strategic intercession in that live and go into the area that there’s so much tension and we pray into that area very specifically. You’re going to grow in that it’s so important, even as the weeks and months to come, we’re going to teach more and more how to grow in that prophetic, apostolic, strategic intercession for you to really know how to move heaven and earth with your prayers. And so here we go.

This is very powerful, this dream that I had. I’m going to start out with it. About two and a half weeks ago, we did a gathering. It was really powerful the tabernacle on the table, truly outdoors, camping, worshiping and setting a table to feast. Together around this opportunity to partake of Christ, to be transformed by him, really put into action the things that we’ve been prophesying that the Lord is doing. Gathering us together, not around tables of transaction that have to do with rubbing elbows and ministry or seeing how we can build our own thing, but gathering together, looking each other in the eyes, consuming the body and the blood of Christ being transformed and transfigured so that we could be faithful witnesses in the age that we live in.

And so I have this dream and it’s vivid. It starts out and there is a young lady with me, a Gen Z young lady. She’s a house of prayer warrior. She’s been in the house of prayer for years. I’m not gonna say her name in this broadcast because I believe that she’s a representation of many that are out there who are called in this hour to be strong and courageous. And so the beginning of their dream.

It’s almost like Elijah and Elisha I am going and I’m going in pain. I’m going into a place where I’m not really sure where I’m going, but I know that the way that I walk and the anointing that’s on my life has come from a place of crushing. And Elijah, if you know his story, he calls down fire on the prophets of Baal. He’s bold and he’s courageous, and then he receives a letter from Jezebel threatening his life. He gets into fear and he goes and hides. I’ve talked about this, you know, taught on this reality of how to not bow to the spirit of fear and Jezebel in the hour of crisis.

Now we’re in it, right, but in the dream there’s almost this Elijah, elisha reality, and so this young lady wants to be near me, she wants to put her head on my chest and in the dream I’m like you really don’t know what I’ve been through in order to walk where I walk, and so, in a sense, I’m almost pushing her away. The way that Elijah, that Elisha, at the different places where he would go, and Elisha is asking for a double portion anointing and Elijah, I believe, has a groan within him and Elijah is saying dude, you do not understand the crushing, the experiences that I have been through to walk in what I walk in, and now you won’t double. And so in the dream it has this type of feel An older lady I guess I’m older now. I’m not right, I’m a middle-aged, new, you know, 40s to new, 30, whatever, but I’m older in the spirit, with a younger girl coming with me and we begin to. There’s thousands and thousands and thousands of people. We’re pressing through the crowd and I began to realize that I am supposed to be next up to speak and within the crowd there is no platform, there is no elevation of me over everyone else. As a matter of fact, it’s pressing and it’s crushing. It feels like I cannot breathe and I wanna get everybody off of me. And suddenly I have a microphone in my hand.

In the dream, all I can do as soon as the microphone hits my hand is groan and weep and travail, as if there are no words coming out. This young lady’s, still with her head on my shoulder, her head on my chest, and I’m almost like you, don’t understand the pain and the tears and the travail. I have no words for what I wanna say. And in the moment of the groan and travail. Out of my mouth comes this language of Esther. God, you must raise up a generation of Esther’s who will say if I perish, I perish. And I continue to say it over and over three times. Lord, raise up a generation of Esther’s. Awaken the Esther’s who, out of their mouth, would proclaim if I perish, I perish. And my eyes glance over to look at the young lady near my heart and I shake my head and I begin to weep even more. And in the dream, as soon as I look at her, I realize it’s not just about the esters, it’s about the mordecais. God, would you raise up a generation of mordecais? Call mordecais, call the men to the forefront. That would hold us to the charge of being a voice that would say if I die, I die. Because here’s the thing about mordecais.

Mordecai in Esther chapter. Well, mordecai in the book of Esther represents a man who has fathered this young lady, who was actually orphaned, positioned her to go into a place where she can walk out her destiny. And in the beginning it’s painful, in the beginning it’s not what she wanted, she has to disguise herself. But mordecai is positioning her, probably not even understanding fully, for the destiny of a nation. And he begins to realize, when this edict goes out by Haman, that there’s going to be destruction of the Jews, that there’s one sitting inside of the palace that has a voice, and so he begins to call her up and say listen, you’ve got to understand that you’re a Jew. You may be in disguise right now, esther, because her name was actually Hadassah. He had to help her to understand that. Either way, you are going to die. So are you going to die fighting or are you going to die hiding?

And so we need a generation of mordecais that see the anointing on the lives of the women of this hour, that the women would begin to roar the truth of the message of the not just the gospel, but the truth of the message in fullness. If we perish, we perish. Don’t mess with our kids. It’s the hashtag that we’ve been using as we begin to talk about gathering together. I’ll talk about that later in October of next year but the clarion call is that you’ve got to understand that your mouth needs to be opened, but at the same time, we need the men of God to rise up that see the anointing on the lives of women in this hour, those that have been shrinking back and watering down or editing the burning message of their hearts to say no, open your mouth, because they’re going to mess with you, they’re going to mess with your kids.

Listen, we’re seeing, even right now, this, the wildness of war in the Middle East. We’re beginning to see what could possibly be the fulfillment of prophecy within Scripture, and we’re in an hour. We’ve got to understand that there’s chance, such as death to America, taking place in this, in this Hamas thing, and we’ve got to know that. Listen, we’re on the target, we’re on the radar, and so no longer do we get to edit the truth, no longer do we get to edit the message. It’s not pretty, it’s not nice, it’s not. It can’t be boxed up in something flowery. The message of the Lord that’s coming forth right now needs to roar through the mouth of the mama bears.

And, at the same time, we’re looking at those that are with us, these young ladies, these young ones who have had to try to fight all of the oppression of their voice by an agenda that has called them to water down the truth or even brainwash them to an effect to believe that they need to form it and fashion it to fit in a pretty little package, that it’s tolerant. And here’s the thing the pressing and the crushing of the generation that has gone before you, gen Z and Gen Alpha, is looking at you and saying you got to get boldness in your bones, because we don’t even know if you’re going to be able to run with the horsemen. Listen, it says in Jeremiah if you can’t run with the footmen, how will you run with the horsemen? And the horsemen have come that you can’t run with horses if you can’t run with those who are on foot. And we’re looking at you as Elijah’s, as those who’ve gone before you, and it felt the pain and the crushing as women to be silent, to have to edit the message and saying you understand that the spirit of Jezebel that has encroached upon us.

We spent times in our younger years being violent in the spirit and declaring the truth, like Elijah did when the fire fell from heaven on the prophets of Baal, and then we got threatened by an agenda and we shrunk back. But we’re coming back with vengeance. But, young ladies, do you understand that you’ve got a break free of the spirit of the age? Do you understand that you’ve got a break free of the spirit of Jezebel of all the forms and the fashions of the desires for platform. Do you understand that what you’ve been called to and what you’re asking for, the double portion, the voice that shifts a nation, is first in intercession, but then it’s boldness as a watchman on the wall? It says in Ezekiel that you actually have to prophesy in order for the blood to not be on your hands. Do you understand what that will cost you?

But listen, what we need on top of that is not just Gen Z and Gen Alpha to understand. But we need you, men, we need you morticons, we need you with a backbone to get behind us and say this is what you’ve been called to. Who knows if you were born for such a time as this. There’s a groaning in your heart. Listen, women are groaning and travailing, like Hannah. We’re saying God, you’ve got to rescue our generation. Lord, if you would give us a priesthood, that you would give us Gen Z, gen Alpha, if you would give us children that would burn with purity, god, we’ll give them back to you.

But we’re burning and we’re groaning and we’re longing and we need the men of God, like morticons, to come up and say listen, you’ve got to get out of fear. You’ve got to get out of trauma. You’ve got to get out of concern for what the liberal agenda would say to you and step up and be a voice. You’ve got to burn the tide, first in heaven and then on earth. Listen, ladies. We’ve got to be willing to release our children. God’s calling us in this hour. Listen, if you will look at Israel right now, all eyes are on Israel right now and these women are having to release their children to frontline warfare. They are having to release their children to trust in Yahweh, the name of the Lord. Many Christians yes, as well that are citizens of Israel are releasing their children and understanding the cost of war is great, but if we perish, we perish. We’ve got to send our kids into the place that they’ve been called to and this is not easy. This is not easy, dude. I just really took off on that.

So let’s look at Esther 4.16. It says this is what Mordecai says Go and gather Sorry, this is what Esther says in response to Mordecai Go and gather all the Jews to be found in Sousa and hold a fast on my behalf and do not eat or drink for three days, day nor night. I am a young woman and also fast, as you do, and then I will go to the king, and it is if it is against the law. If I perish, I perish. And this was Mordecai’s response. If you keep silent, mordecai says in Esther 4.14, if you keep silent, relief and deliverance will rise from the Jews from another place, and you, esther, and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether or not you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this. So I actually just flipped the scriptures. I read them backwards in my notes, but before Esther’s response with a fast, is Mordecai’s call to lay down her life.

You’ve got to understand. We cannot let the false feminist movement take over and silence the voice of the true warrior women of the earth. In this hour, we’re going to stand for holiness, we’re going to stand for purity, we’re going to stand for protection of our kids. We’re going to stand and we’re going to say if I perish, I perish. We’ve got to begin to understand that God has given us children for war. He’s given us children first of all for spiritual warfare and second of all, to be voices.

In this hour, stop holding back. Begin to teach your kids the truth. Do you know why Israel’s able to send their kids to the front lines of war. They’ve taught their kids the truth. They’ve taught their kids the identity of who they are. It’s not about destroying another nation. It’s about pushing back the Haman. It’s about pushing back the enemy and standing in the power and the intelligence of the divine and knowing that it’s written what is written in the scriptures. These kids know what is written in the scriptures that Abraham and Isaac and Jacob were given a land that they would inherit. That would be a promise that would be fulfilled, that all of the earth would be blessed. They have to believe the truth of the word of God over everything else.

Mama Bears, I’m telling you right now. This is a call to you. You’re looking at your children, that’s laying their head on your shoulder, your spiritual children, your children. They are those that are going to birth for something in this hour that is both for war and also to bring forth glory. It’s for the fire and it’s for the glory.

Stop separating the message. Stop just focusing on the positive scriptures whenever you’re teaching your kids just the scriptures that are tolerant and what you think is love it Lovely. I want you to think on lovely things. I want you to get above the warfare. But I need for you to understand. God needs for you to understand. You must teach your kids the truth.

Listen, I want to tell you this. I was so blown away my baby girls, two nights ago, if you know what just happened? There was a slaughter of children in Israel in two nights ago. My girls were up in the middle of the night, travelling. They did not know why, but they had a spirit of mourning and groaning on them, ages 12, 15 and 18, up in this room that I’m in right now, this upper room of our house, travelling and groaning and weeping, led by the spirit. And I got the opportunity to share with them the next day that their travails and their groans were over what is taking place in Israel.

I am telling my kids the truth. This is what is happening to your kids, to your generation. This is what the scriptures prophesy will happen at the end of the age. We’re walking through the scriptures and then they’re beginning to get a prayer burden. They can listen. The enemy has inundated them with all kinds of filth. We need to begin to release to them all kinds of truth, all kinds of ability to grow in the spirit and intercession. It also recognized that in the hour in which they’ve been born, the time in which they live, that they very likely could have to lay down their life for the cause of Christ.

And if you’re not preparing your kids, then you’re standing in fear Either way. Either way, you’ve got to understand they’re coming after our kids, they’re coming after our families. They came at listen. I don’t even know if I should go there on this live, but you cannot trust the government system, because you’ve got to understand that the governance of the Lord takes place from the heavenly realm. There’s a time that is coming when a war and rumors of war, but also these things, are allowed to take place in order to be able to feel agendas. And so you’ve got to teach your kids the word and the truth and what takes place and how to hear the difference between what God is saying and what the internet and the news is communicating to them. If you’re not equipping your kids, moms and dads, then you’re not really positioning them for what they’ve been born for.

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0:21:02 – Tammie Southerland
Come on Jesus.

Come on Jesus. Esther had to choose to act. She had to know that her silence would lead to her demise and her generations. So what is our take away from this? We’re calling fast. We’re calling a nation to fast.

I want to tell you what my husband brought up last night Blew me away. Okay, we’re laying in the bed, we’re praying, we’re praying, we’ve been discussing and we’ve been praying. And this is what he said At least in Esther’s hour they, israel, allowed their people to be armed. When Hamans Edic took place, he said at least they were armed. And this just came in and nobody was armed. And this is the thing it hit me so strongly in my heart when he said it. I said but there was an Esther. But there was an Esther in the palace. And if there wasn’t an Esther in the palace, if there wouldn’t have been a mordecai at the gate, it would have looked very similar. You see, I want to know where the Esther is in the palace right now. I want to know where the mordecai is at the gate.

Where are the men that are calling, the women that have the access to be a voice that could turn the heart of the king? I can take you there in an intercession. There’s a voice in the earth that you’ve been called to, to call to be, but many of you are in sectors of society, maybe even governments, that you’re keeping your mouth closed. Some of you need to intercede specifically for those in office. Some of you know women in particular. God’s calling women right now. There’s an anointing on women to rise up, women in particular that have influence, and that you need to call them to the carpet and you need to say listen, you have a voice. What if this whole thing could have been turned if there was an Esther in the kings palace? Or was there an Esther who kept quiet? These are the questions we have to ask, not condemning anyone.

I see all this biblical prophecy proportion of improvising and shaking. For years I’ve been prophesying and shaking. For years I’ve been saying you can’t believe what you read and see on the media. For years you got to come up and get above it. You got to get divine intelligence. I’m just saying right now that this is what is happening and you can’t trust what you see and hear on the internet.

Where are the esters? Where are those that raise their voice Not just on platforms and intercession and groaning, and raising up a generation and raising up the next generation, not willing, like Hannah, to hold tight what God would give you but to release them back to him. Where are the men that will say God has called women to the forefront. Get rid of the spirit of religion that is silencing women, break. Listen. Some of you men know it. Some of you men know your wife’s got a voice and you see, in your, in religious atmospheres that are holding her back, and you need to step up, like Mordecai, and you need to tell her that she’s going to die either way, that she’s going to die with the word in her bones and her kids are going to go with her, or she’s going to have to use her voice.

I want to encourage you. I’m thankful for those of you that are Mordecais. Never has there been a time where you’re more important, and so this can be so many layers and so many levels. The Father, we just thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to rise up, to rise up in this moment. God, let us be willing to give up our platforms, I should say our reputations, for the greater good.

Some of you, I feel it right now, somebody that’s watching me. You have influence. You have influence in a sector that does not believe like you believe, and you’ve been silent. Some of you have been standing for things that you don’t believe in because you’re afraid. You’ve put it on your t-shirt, you’ve put it on your Facebook, but you don’t believe in it, and you’re posting things that you do not believe in because you’re afraid to declare what you do. I want you to know they’re coming for your kids too. If you perish, you perish. Get a voice and get a backbone. Some of you have just been afraid because you’ve been wounded and you’re not in a situation.

I recently had somebody text me and say listen, your husband’s recovering. You’re not in a situation where you can be a voice, or you think you’re not. I want you to begin to intercede for your husband, begin to intercede for your leaders. The power you have, the influence you have in the heavenly realm is unbelievable. I have no idea how the power, intercession can literally turn the heart of a king, and all of us are called to a fast Right now. I want to invite you into a fast, whatever that looks like for you. Fasting moves the heart of the king, but it also kills our flesh. It puts things into right perspective and it causes the heart of heaven to respond.

I know this has been somewhat of a heavy message, but God is raising up fearless voices. In this time, there’s no more time to fear, there’s no more time to be silent or be quiet. It’s time for us to raise up sons and daughters who will be bold and courageous. And you, jen’s ears, you, jen Alpha’s, shake off the fear of man. Get in the word. Prepare your heart, pray in tongues, pray more than you say, so that when it comes out of your mouth it cuts like a double-edged sword.

Mothers and fathers, I’m calling you now to teach them to pray. And if you don’t know how to pray, begin to say God, teach me to pray. True disciples say teach us to pray. That’s where the word of the Lord comes from, the throne ring, not from chat, gtp or Google. You can learn the word, you can use tools, but if you don’t have the word in you, you’re not going to prophesy truth and it’s not going to cut. Get in the heavenly realms and get the word of the Lord and you will be victorious. We’re in the best of the times and the worst of times.

Haggaios says that the earth would shake and the stars would fall, and the stars represent leaders and kings. As the shaking happens, the only thing that’s going to remain is the unshakable kingdom. So go. If you perish, you perish. So, father, I thank you in the name of Jesus.

For those that are watching God, I pray that you would bring forth truth and justice in their hearts, or that you would help use your word in the burning of the spirit of God, to separate from their heart what is emotion and what is the spirit. God, as I pray so often for myself that the word of God is in them, those that know you, jesus, that the word of God is in them, so they would begin to hear your word even in their internal being, that they begin to know the word and let the word know them, they begin to pray like they’ve never prayed before, that they would be built up in the most holy faith. God released the baptismism of the Holy Spirit in fire, even right now. Release the fire, release the tongues, release the action, release the power of the gospel right now. Lord, you said if Jesus, if you be lifted up, you will draw all man to yourself. So, jesus, we lift you up. You were lifted up on the cross in your crucifixion. You bled and you died and you were raised and you poured out your spirit that we could be transformed and walk in the fullness of our sonship.

God, that we would use this declaration, this proclamation that Esther said, not as some kind of fun language, but truly get it in our hearts that we’re going to die either way, let’s die. If we die, let us die proclaiming the truth. Let us not go down without a fight. But, lord, let us also know that the battle is not ours, but the battle is yours. So you give the strategy, you give the battle plan, and when we pray according to your will, it will be done for us by you, father, who was in heaven, that your word run swiftly and it always accomplishes what it was sent forth to accomplish. So release your word even right now to those that are watching me. Strike their hearts right now in the name of Jesus. Open the eyes of the blind. Open the ears of the deaf. Ignite the heart and the soul of that one that has been asleep. Cause the spirit of burning to be released. Speak, lord. Even right now, somebody needs to say speak, lord, for your servant is listening Some of you, mom, is God is stirring your heart.

You’re going to literally going to be flipping the table of your home and you’re going to be resetting it as a house of prayer. Fathers, same thing, you’re going to be setting up the altar of prayer and intercession and teach your children and teach your wives. Teach the word. Let it be washing them with the water of the word. Love your wife, as Christ gave himself up for the church for her. Raise her up as an Esther, raise her up as a bride. Trust the voice of the Lord and the groaning of her heart. I love you guys. Thank you so much again for joining me for this week’s podcast. Go ahead and share it. Listen, share the podcast, but share the message. Let this message get in your bones. I love you again. We’ll see you soon and always remember this is the heart of this podcast Burning messengers you don’t have to burn alone. You’re not alone. In Jesus’ name, I’ll see you soon.