Break Free: A Tale of Spiritual Deliverance with Jake Kail

Join me and my good friend Jake Hale as we share our experiences of deliverance, exploring its importance and the need for more of it in the body of Christ. We discuss Jake’s powerful personal story of being delivered from demons and how God’s compassion is moving within this ministry. While we touch on the issues that arise when people build their own platforms, our conversation is grounded in our shared belief in the power of God to set people free.

Our conversation further ventures into the significance of prophetic purity in ministry and how to maintain it. Together, we explore the delicate balance between public ministry and private devotion, and how neglecting the latter can lead to disaster. We discuss the importance of staying rooted in our identity in Christ, so that ministry does not become our identity. Jake, an apostolic leader in Pennsylvania, offers valuable insights into the emergence of God’s messengers and the beginnings of revival.

We delve into the potential dangers when the enemy exploits the power of God’s sons and daughters for personal gain, expressing our shared grief when something so holy and intimate is used for malicious purposes. Our conversation serves as a reminder of the need to stay alert to the enemy’s schemes and that God longs to set his people free. Whether you’re called to prophetic ministry or simply seeking a deeper understanding of deliverance, Jake’s insights, grounded in humility and compassion, are sure to inspire. Don’t miss his powerful prayer for deliverance and a deeper revelation of Jesus.

Where to dive in:

(0:00:00) – The Power of Deliverance

Jake and I discussed God’s power to set us free, deliverance in the body of Christ, and potential issues of self-promotion.

(0:09:21) – Maintaining Purity and Humility in Ministry

Jake and I discuss prophetic purity, public/private devotion, blessing/brokenness, and staying hungry for God.

(0:23:10) – The Importance of Compassion and Humility

God’s power, enemy’s schemes, prophetic word, and Spirit’s grief discussed to remain alert and free.

(0:33:09) – Staying Rooted and Trusting the Lord

Jake encourages trust in the Lord, staying rooted in identity in Christ, and revival, for God’s purpose and glory.

About the guest:

Jake Kail is a pastor, author and conference speaker who is passionate about living without shadows in a culture of compromise. Jake and his family live in Lancaster, PA where he serves as lead pastor of Threshold Church.

About the host: 

Tammie Southerland is the host of Burning Messengers and the author of Permission To Bur: Breaking the Chains of Compromise from a Holy Generation. She is also a speaker and prophetic minister. She releases the sound authentic of revival and messages from heaven as she travels. Her lifestyle is one of prayer and digging deep into the Word of God, her desire is to releasing the Heart of The Father in these last days. She moves in power ministry and is known for releasing the Matthew 3:11“baptism of Holy Fire” as she goes. ⁠

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0:00:00 – Tammie Southerland
It’s such an important concept, jake, that we understand, even within our own heart, that we can open the door for the enemy to come in and distract us and turn us away from that place of hunger and that place of longing and that place of brokenness. And for me it’s such an important prayer I guess that I pray on a daily basis that he keep me humble, because it’s walking in that place of anointing and blessing that actually should cause us to realize how much it’s not about us. You know how much of it is his anointing. It’s not about me, it’s not me, it’s him, and I mean I just think that’s such a significant thing. Demonic deliverance. Today I’m going to talk with my good friend, Jake Kail, about his story of being delivered from demons, and he and I are going to get into a conversation about why God is moving in this ministry from the place of compassion. We’re going to talk about why we need to see it more in the body of Christ, but we’re also going to talk about why there’s maybe a problem with it, with people building their own platforms. If you guys need to see deliverance in your church or in your ministry, maybe you need to have deliverance for yourself.

This is a podcast that you want to be a part of. Hey guys, so glad you are back with us for the Burning Messengers podcast. I’m so excited. Today I have a friend of mine with me. His name is Jake Kail. He is a powerful man of God, not just in what he does in ministry, but who he is as a father, who he is as a leader and as a pastor, but, most of all, who he is as a son of God. He is a leader, an apostolic leader in Pennsylvania over his local church, and he’s also has a lot of equipping ministry that he does in the area of deliverance through podcasts and different types of things like that. Jake, thank you so much for being a part of this with us. Thank you for jumping onto this podcast.

0:02:19 – Jake Kail
Yeah, tammy, thanks so much. It’s great to be here. Look forward to this conversation. I’m sure it’s going to be a great conversation, thanks.

0:02:25 – Tammie Southerland
Absolutely Well, jake, tell us a little bit about yourself. I’d like to know. You know just who is Jake Kail? I know, but can you let everybody else know who are you? What’s a little bit of your story? How did you find yourself where you are right now?

0:02:40 – Jake Kail
Yeah, so just a kind of a quick version. I mean, I grew up in a great Christian family hearing about the gospel, hearing about Jesus, but when I was 19 years old really had a true encounter with God. It was a deep work of repentance, encountering God’s love, and I was dramatically set free from the power of sin, different bondages to sin, and it just kind of propelled me into a just a deep walk with the Lord, hungering for him, devouring his word, and just kind of progressed from that over the last 20 years. And, yeah, I’m married to my wife Anna, we have three amazing kids, live in Pennsylvania, and so, yeah, I’m helping to lead a church here as well and do some, some writing, some speaking, some traveling, and so, yeah, I just have a heart for for God, have a heart for the presence of God, know who more to advance this kingdom, and a real passion to see other people set free and just delivered from all types of depression, oppression, bondage, torment, and so, yeah, just a quick, quick snapshot there.

0:03:36 – Tammie Southerland
Yeah, and so deliverance is a real passion of yours, because you personally experience deliverance and and you share about that a lot in your podcast in different areas. Just an understanding of this is a personal thing for you, and so tell us a little bit. Like what were you set free from? What did, what did God do in the area of deliverance for you personally?

0:03:57 – Jake Kail
Yeah, so, so yeah, when I was in middle school, I got exposed to pornography for the first time, just as from a classmate, and it just really planted a seed of sexual immorality and lust, perversion, and so I was drawn into sexual sin. I was also drawn into the party lifestyle drinking alcohol, partying, and you know, this whole time I would have considered myself a believer but was just really not really walking with the Lord. I was very deceived and I was in bondage to sin. And so, yeah, when I was 19, and I had this encounter I mean, it was a deep work of repentance, like I said earlier, but I was also dramatically set free and pornography was broken from my life. It was never a problem, ever again.

Just even the thoughts and all that, all that goes with that, just dramatically set free from that, and then also just the desire to drink and go party and get drunk, just yeah, also anger and anger issues and so, yeah, like so much of that, all that was just broken off of my life in this encounter with God. And so, like you said, I just became really passionate for other people to experience freedom. Because I experienced this freedom, I knew it was so real and I knew that this is for all of God’s people. Like Jesus wants people free, he paid the price for it. So, yeah, it’s definitely a passion of mine.

0:05:12 – Tammie Southerland
Yeah, and the thing about it is I’m like I have a similar story, a little bit different but similar story how God just literally set me free, delivered me particular bondages that I was wrestling with as a religious person for a really long time, but the power of the Holy Spirit came in and like literally set me free, and I think that’s why it says you know, he who’s forgiven much loves much. And there’s such a compassion, there’s such a passion in us to see others set free because we have been set free and it’s such a beautiful thing. And a lot of times I think we think that behavior modification can change everything, but God comes in by the power of the spirit and, out of compassion, sets us free, and so it’s such a powerful story. Guys, just listen to that.

If you’re even on the fence wondering, you know, is this real, Is it? You know the deliverance has been a big conversation lately. Is it real? How is God moving? He shares a lot and I actually just listened to one of his podcasts about the purity behind deliverance and how God is moving in this way. Jake, how does prayer shape your life and what does prayer have to do with moving in the power of God?

0:06:25 – Jake Kail
Yeah, I mean it’s all connected. I mean prayer. I mean early on in my walk with the Lord, God really highlighted to me that I need to become a person of prayer. I need to make that a top priority. I need to learn how to pray, spend time alone with the Lord in the secret place, and that’s the model we see of Jesus.

In Mark, chapter one, we see him doing all this ministry. He’s in a synagogue, he’s casting out a demon, All the people are coming, all the crowds are coming. He’s healing people, he’s casting out demons. But then in verse 35, it says early in the morning, before the sun rose, he goes out to a solitary place, all by himself, and there it says he prayed. And I believe that is a secret to the ministry of Jesus is the secret place, and that’s what he taught us in Matthew 6. He said when you pray, go in your room, shut the door, pray to your father in the secret place. And so that really has just become.

You know, early on in my walk became just the most important thing for me. I personally believe that all true ministry flows out of intimacy with God. All true ministry flows from that place, from the secret place, from that private devotion, that place of personal connection with the Lord. I think that’s what allows that fruit to be produced and for it to be done in a healthy, biblical, compassionate way, because our roots are going deep into God himself and then we’re able to just follow his voice and be led by his spirit. But it comes from that place of relationship and intimacy with the Lord.

0:07:54 – Tammie Southerland
That’s right. And when you teach on deliverance, when you talk about deliverance, when you function deliverance, one thing that you have said is it’s not an end of itself, right, it’s not something that you’re delivered and then that’s all, and you connect that with the lifestyle of prayer. Can you talk a little bit more about that process of connecting prayer with deliverance? And you know why? Is it not just the demon leaves and we’re good?

0:08:24 – Jake Kail
Yeah, because you know deliverance you know, like you said, they’re like it’s not meant to be an end in and of itself. In other words, it’s meant to propel us into more of God. So it’s not just about getting rid of oppression or torment, as great as that is. I mean, yes, that’s a key component, because if those things are there, if there’s demonic influence in our life, then we can’t seem to move forward, we can’t seem to break free, we can’t seem to grow in our walk with the Lord. But it’s not just about getting free. It’s once we are free, now we’re free to know God more, Now we’re free to grow in holiness, Now we’re free to step into our purpose or walk in our giftings. And so I think it’s really key for deliverance to be connected to discipleship, spiritual growth, prayer and just really. If we keep the relationship with the Lord central and the main focus, I think that’s going to really solve a lot of problems foundationally and that’s going to keep us on a good track in this whole area.

0:09:21 – Tammie Southerland
Absolutely. Do you think that in our current state, our up and coming emerging voices and even our age group of ministers, do you think we have a current state where we are maybe teetering a little bit off on the wrong side, is God trying to bring us back into a place of purity? What does that look like for us right now?

0:09:44 – Jake Kail
Yeah, I mean, I think there’s always the opportunity for corruption to come in to any kind of area of ministry. So, whether it’s deliverance, whether it’s the prophetic or other areas, we have to always make sure we are recalibrating to the heart of God and we are just keeping our roots deep into him. And so, yeah, I do think that sometimes different things might creep in to different areas of ministry, including deliverance, where sometimes it becomes more of a spectacle, or sometimes we make it about us as the minister. Right, I always say deliverance is a ministry of compassion for the oppressed. It’s not meant to be about me as a minister. It’s not meant to be about the demons.

Although we have to address and cast out the demons, we shouldn’t be demon centered with deliverance. We should be Christ centered with deliverance and we should be compassionate towards the people. So, yeah, sometimes I get, you know, concerned that maybe we could veer off a little bit and they can become more of a spectacle, more about the one ministering. And so, yeah, I just have a heart to see a pure expression, that we keep it biblical. We don’t have to deviate into all kinds of other things that are outside of scripture. We can just keep it with the scripture. We can keep it compassionate, we can keep it centered on Jesus, focused on him, pointing people to him, and I think that’s going to help to see yeah, keep us where we need to be.

0:11:01 – Tammie Southerland
Yeah, so you talk a little bit about prophetic purity in ministry too. So we’re talking about different power manifestations. We’re also talking about the gifts of the spirit, and you and I have something in common that’s very strong and common it’s prayer and purity, those two words in when we’re talking about. You know, this is the burning messengers podcast. We’re talking about equipping messengers. How can we stay in the place where we’re tender before the Lord and we have prophetic purity and we have purity in our as we move in the power of God? How can we keep ourself in that place and not find ourselves like those whom he said he never knew, you know, even though they moved in the power gifts or they moved in the five full gifts?

0:11:48 – Jake Kail
Yes, that’s a great question. It’s a very important question. I think there’s some simple I mean there’s not necessarily a formula, but I think there’s some keys and I think that if we will prioritize the secret place, I think that’s going to be a huge, huge key. So it goes back to what I said earlier. You know, jesus had a balance of public ministry and private devotion and he balanced that out. We see that in Luke five, I think it’s verse 15 and 16. It says all the crowds were coming to hear him teach to be healed of their diseases, and it says so he often withdrew from the crowds to pray.

He made it a regular practice, and I think what can happen sometimes is is if we are growing in ministry, we’re growing in our calling, and especially in this area of supernatural ministry, whenever we’re moving in the power of God, it’s going to attract the attention of people, and so it can be dangerous if we have an expanding public influence but we have a shrinking private devotion. That is a recipe for disaster. That’s gonna. That’s gonna veer us off track. And so if we have to fight to keep the secret place, the number one thing, that’s gonna go a long way in keeping us on track If we will fight to keep the secret place as the main, as that main thing. I think that’s a huge part of maintaining an atmosphere of purity, an expression of purity in all these areas of ministry. I think that’s so, so key. I mean, there’s obviously other areas. Something that the Lord was really showing me earlier is that we have to see a marriage between blessing and brokenness.

Those two are actually supposed to go together. And I saw this in Mark, chapter six, when Jesus was feeding the 5,000, it says he took the bread, he blessed it and he broke it. And for me that blessing represents God’s anointing, god’s empowerment, and that brokenness, to me, speaks of humility, speaks of compassion, speaks of dependence on the Lord. And if we walk in the blessing of God but we resist that process of brokenness, then that could get us on the wrong track as well, because we’re operating in power and God can give genuine gifts and we could walk in those gifts. But then what do we do with that? Will we yield to this process of allowing that humility, that dependence on him and just really keeping the focus on Jesus, really just keeping it on him and being intentional to humble ourselves and to point people to the Lord? But yeah, just marrying those two blessing and brokenness being married together, I think is just such an essential thing right now.

0:14:21 – Tammie Southerland
Wow, that’s so powerful Blessing and brokenness. And it says that blessed are the broken, for theirs is the kingdom. And everywhere you see the move of God in Scripture, everywhere you see the move of power in the New Testament it says the kingdom of heaven has come near, or the kingdom of heaven is here, or the kingdom of God is here, and so it’s blessed are the broken. That it’s that humility that actually makes way for the power of the kingdom to come and be manifest. And it’s such an important concept, jake, that we understand, even within our own heart, that we can open the door for the enemy to come in and distract us and turn us away from that place of hunger and that place of longing and that place of brokenness. And for me it’s such an important prayer, I guess, that I pray on a daily basis that he keep me humble, because it’s walking in that place of anointing and blessing. That actually should cause us to realize how much it’s not about us, how much of it it is his anointing. It’s not about me, it’s not me, it’s him, and I mean I just think that’s such a significant thing.

So we talk a lot. You have the Taurus Bearers podcast, this is the Burning Messengers podcast. We’re talking about equipping, we’re talking about raising up messengers at the end of the age, and we’re talking about this blessing and this anointing. We’re also talking about humility. How can we give those that maybe are coming up right now some real personal keys to keep humility at the forefront? How can they know if they’re beginning to turn towards a place where it is becoming a prideful gift or moving maybe in the wrong spirit?

0:16:28 – Jake Kail
Yeah, yeah, great question. Yeah, I’m just reminded of the Apostle Paul. It’s in 1 Corinthians 2, he said that when he came he wanted to know nothing but Jesus and him crucified. Christ and him crucified. And then, right after that, he said his message and his preaching was not with wise and persuasive words but with a demonstration of the power of God, the Holy Spirit and power. So again, I see a marriage between that brokenness, the cross, and then the power of God. And really Christ is the example. Just meditating on the cross, meditating on who Jesus is. It says in Philippians he lowered himself, he humbled himself first of all, just to come to this earth. God himself took on flesh, but then he also lowered himself to become a servant. And then he took it further and became obedient to death and this horrible, horrific, humiliating death on the cross. And so I think, just if we can maintain that attitude, like Paul said, man, I need to know Jesus, I need to know Jesus and him crucified, and I think that’s going to help us.

And then you know, how do we respond to other people’s praise? How do we respond to other people? It’s great to be encouraged, it’s great to receive compliments right, that’s nothing wrong with that? But how do we respond when you know people praise us because God works through us, or people look to us a certain way because God’s moving, do we feed on that or do we release that to the Lord, right? So you know, if somebody you know, because when God moves through you, people are going to be drawn, people are going to be drawn, people are going to look up to you.

Humans have a tendency to place others on a pedestal and we have to make the choice not to allow ourselves to receive worship, right, and that’s what we see the apostles doing. They tried to worship Paul and he said no, no, no, no, I’m just a person just like you, right, and so. So how do we respond when, when people are praising us, like, do we, do we allow that to feed our ego? Or do we just say, you know, thanks for the compliment? And then we just get to the Lord and we just, you know, we get in that secret place and we say God, it’s all you Like, apart from you, I can do nothing. And we recognize that it’s all because of his grace. We are dependent on him. If we’re walking in gifts, it’s because God gave it to us. If God’s using us, it’s because of his grace and just keeping that mindset. We have to continually remind ourselves of that.

And if we find ourselves starting to feed off of those things in a wrong way, then that’s time to just recalibrate. You know, do some fasting, just coming to God’s presence, and you know, fasting is one of the ways we humble ourselves. The Bible says Right. So, as you know, in Psalms it says I humbled myself with fasting. So, just, you know, finding those disciplines and those ways to maintain that healthy posture.

And then I think another key is having people around us that know us like just in everyday life, that don’t just know us when we’re on a platform preaching or ministering, but you know, like my wife and my kids, or you know my, you know the outer team where I serve, at right, people that I walk with on a daily basis, right, they just they see us for who we are, as real people, and just you know, allowing them to speak into our lives and just, yeah, just not not neglecting just that, that everyday life of just what it means to be a person that has, you know, just flesh, just like everybody else. Yeah, and yeah, not allowing ourselves to get elevated. It’s really key.

0:20:00 – Tammie Southerland
Yeah, it’s funny. I’m thinking about a mutual friend of ours, jeremiah Johnson. He always says you need to keep people around you that aren’t impressed with you. And he and I just back and forth and I’m like I’m that person, you know, in your life. I’m not impressed, but it is so true, you really do. You need to keep people in your life that aren’t necessarily impressed with you, but they are. You know, they see you, they see you day in and day out.

And Bill Johnson said it this way too, about receiving praise. He said that very often, you know, after you preach, after you minister, after God moves through you, people are like, oh, that was so good. And he said Bill said don’t say oh, it was, it was not me, it was God, but say thank you and then when you get into the secret place, go before the Lord and say I believe this belongs to you. You hand that honor right back to the Lord, and so I think that’s a good balance there. It’s like we’re not a worm but we, and we are, you know, his sons and daughters, but man. It’s him moving through us and there’s nothing like fasting and being around. You know people day in and day out that aren’t impressed with you. That’ll remind you. You know how much you do need the grace of God.

0:21:11 – Jake Kail
Amen. Yep, that’s very good, I love that. What you said about Bill Johnson Yep, I think it’s a great, great model, a great way to do that.

0:21:17 – Tammie Southerland
It is. I’ve, you know, personally adopted that for myself, but and I found the pleasure of the Lord comes over me with that as well you know something else I would like to know what are your thoughts on seeing deliverance more predominant in the church? Do you think there’s a lack of deliverance in the church? What are your thoughts on that?

0:21:45 – Jake Kail
Yeah, I mean it’s been interesting because you know I’ve been ministering deliverance for just about 18 years and you know the first 10 years was mainly in personal settings, praying for people individually, but then the last seven, eight years it’s been now more out in the open, in groups and churches and conferences, traveling, doing equipping, and so I mean I’ve been just really, you know, contending to see deliverance restored to the church because it’s such a key area of ministry.

I mean, it’s often a missing link in people’s journey of freedom, of healing, of sanctification and so. But as I see deliverance now becoming more and more out to the forefront, I think I have two responses. One is excited, like I’m excited because I just like I said, it’s such a key ministry and so I’m excited to see it getting more prominence, more attention and more churches are embracing it, more believers are becoming open to it. So that’s kind of one hand I feel, you know, excited about it. On the other hand, I feel a little bit nervous because it’s like once something becomes more and more out in the open and more prominent, almost like it becomes more popular, and then that leaves more room sometimes for some of that corruption to get in there, and so I kind of I’m kind of walking in that type of a balance where it’s like, yes, it’s awesome to see it getting out there, but I’m like just really, you know, hopeful that we can see it done in a pure and healthy way.

0:23:05 – Tammie Southerland
Yeah, and I feel the same way. And here’s the thing I think that compassion element, that humility element is what is so important in this conversation, and I was actually thinking about this earlier. Jake, your story, my story you’ve been moving, you know, in this for many years and a lot of people don’t really know who Jake Kale is, and that’s okay, they don’t really know. Jake Kale’s been doing deliverance ministry for 18 years and then, all of a sudden, you see, you know this become more out front, you become just, you see it become more popular and then it becomes, you know, an opportunity I guess for the lack of a better word to build a platform.

And earlier, you know, I was thinking about this, praying about this. Isn’t that interesting how that happens, how the enemy will even use something that kicks him out of commission to bring pride and arrogance into play in order to stop the power of God from moving through his sons and daughters. I just, I think that’s that’s just so shocking. But those of us that have been just walking with him for many years and just enjoying the fact that he likes to deliver his people or sit back and watching this, and we have mixed emotions about it.

0:24:28 – Jake Kail
Yeah, yeah, that’s a very interesting way to put it. Yeah, and hadn’t quite considered it the way you said it. Like that, tammy, it’s a very, yeah, very interesting way to put it. I think that definitely rings true and yeah, it is that.

It is that compassion element and I know like, for for me, very often when I minister deliverance to people, I mean I’m literally weeping.

There’s literally a weeping because it’s the love of God that just is coming through.

And when you hear people’s stories, you hear about some of the trauma that people have gone through, where people are confessing sins to you that they’ve never told another person, and it’s very vulnerable and it’s very just sometimes heart wrenching when you hear some of the abuse and some of the trauma, and it’s just the love of God is so there. I mean the Bible says that God is near to the broken hearted. He’s near to the broken hearted and so when these, when, when, when some are coming to you in that condition of that brokenness, that broken Hardiness, that trauma they’ve gone through, god comes near, and when his presence comes near, it’s like, yeah, there’s very often it’s I can’t help but just be weeping with under the compassion of the Lord, and so, then, to think that’s something like that, that is so intimate and beautiful and holy, I can, could be exploited, you know, could be exploited for personal gain, for Influence, for money, for popularity. It’s just, it’s. It’s very heartbreaking. I think it’s grieving. It’s grieving to the Lord.

0:25:58 – Tammie Southerland
Yeah, even as you’re speaking, like I’m literally feeling the grieving of the spirit, I literally feel a groan welling up in me, tears coming, because I do believe it’s.

It’s such an important topic to his heart right now that we remember that that he hates to see his sons and daughters in bondage, he hates to see the captive captive and In this movement, even what we’ve asked him to move in signs and wonders, we’ve asked him to move in deliverance, that we have to remember that we, we have an enemy that would love To capitalize on the very thing that he wants to bring forth and I believe, is, you know, the birth pangs of revival, is the birth pangs of you know, the answer to our cries for him to come and release justice in the earth.

Because you know, I don’t know about you, but I can walk into a room and I can feel the bondage on people and it literally breaks my heart, it makes me weak. There’s, like I’ve said this before, in just in a room, before you know, I want to speak at a place that I hate seeing people in bondage, whether it’s a religious spirit or it’s. You know, it’s trauma from their past and that’s the, that’s the compassion of the Lord, and so I even feel like right now, god is actually releasing a warning to us that I’m moving with power. But be alert and be aware, because you do have an enemy that that would love To to you know. Take you down with him right now.

0:27:38 – Jake Kail
I agree hundred percent. Yep, it’s right on.

0:27:40 – Tammie Southerland
Yeah, because this is longing to see the captain of set free. I mean, oh, I don’t even have, I can’t even, I can’t even explain that to the way, to the level that I feel it. But Anyway, so if you are able to really speak into the lives of those whom God is raising up right now, just Even prophetically, because that’s really a lot of our desire with this podcast, is to tell the messengers, the emerging messengers, the current messengers of the Lord, whether they’re in the church or they’re in the, you know, in the marketplace. We want to express to them that they don’t have to burn alone, in that they, you know, there’s a place for them to grow. I just wanted you to take like five to ten minutes, jake, and just really speak directly into those that are listening.

0:28:29 – Jake Kail
Yeah, yeah, what an honor. And you know you’re right, god is God’s raising up voices, god’s raising up messengers and you know, I just I want to encourage when we all have a process. Every calling has a process to it. And you know John the Baptist.

He was in the wilderness Until the day of his manifestation, it says in Luke 180. He had a process, he had a time of waiting, he had a time of just being completely unknown and God used that time. Joseph had his time Right. He was sold into slavery, he was betrayed, he was imprisoned. After, after obeying God, he ended up in prison. Right all these years go by David, he had his calling, he received the prophetic word from Samuel. He even goes and takes out Goliath and he goes into this incredibly challenging trial with King Saul being chased out, being hunted down, solving paranoid about him.

And so with every Calling, there is a process, there is a process, and Sometimes, when you’re in the middle of that process, you, you think it’s never gonna end. You think I’m always gonna be in this wilderness, I’m always gonna be in this season, because that’s all you can see. You can’t see any way to the fulfillment of that calling. And so my encouragement is yield yourselves to God, trust God with your own journey, with your own process. It’s not a formula. There’s no exact same way, but there’s patterns. We see this pattern in scripture God gives a calling, then there’s a time of preparation, then there is a release, a commissioning, and so I think there are many emerging messengers right now in that place of training, of preparation, of Preparing of wilderness, of testing, and God uses that. God uses that to refine us, god uses that to equip us, god uses that to bring that place of humility and brokenness. So don’t despise that season.

If you’re in that season, if you’re one of those ones that might be in that season where it just doesn’t seem like there’s any way you can even get to that end of your calling, that fulfillment of your Calling, that’s Joseph being in prison. How could he ever be elevated to a place of authority like he had seen in his dream so many years ago? It seemed very impossible. But when the time is right, when God says it’s time, there is a change of seasons and then Joseph gets elevated to that place. But now he’s ready to carry that weight. I mean, imagine being placed in that type of a prominent position. You are second in command to Pharaoh. You’re making decisions. You’re I mean, you’re pretty much calling the shots.

That that’s a weighty type Position and some of the callings that that, that you have those who are watching this and listening to this. Some of your callings are very weighty callings and we’re called to carry the word of God. We’re called to be prophetic messengers or called to speak his word. I mean, think about the prophets in the Old Testament. It said that they were to stand in the counsel of God, that they were to be sent by God, they were to speak the word of God. These are weighty, weighty roles and responsibilities.

And so if you’re in that season where you just feel like things just aren’t happening and there’s trials, there’s betrayals, there’s confusion, I just want to release peace over you, grace over you, encouragement to you, and use this season to continue to cultivate the intimacy with the Lord. Use that season to cultivate the secret place. Use that season to let your roots go deeper and deeper into him. Because once the season shifts and then there begins to be more fruitfulness, there begins to be more activity, there begins to be more fulfillment and open doors, you’re bringing the step in your gifting if you haven’t cultivated that deep place of intimacy, those roots then aren’t going to be deep enough to sustain that fruitfulness. And that’s, you know, that leads to some of the stuff we talked about earlier, or some of the corruption, can come in and we can get off track. But if you’ll use that season of preparation to just let your heart be tenderized before God, let the roots go deep into him, deepen his word, deep in the secret place, deep in prayer, then when God begins to move and send you out, then you have that root system to sustain you, to strengthen you, to stabilize you.

And and then I think God’s also teaching us to find our identity first and foremost as sons and daughters. Yeah, that’s part of what this wilderness is about, this part of what the training is about, part of what the preparation is about. He wants our identity to be rooted first and foremost as a for me, a son right, for you, tammy, a daughter Right. So God wants that to be the foundation of our identity. Yeah, because that’s the only, that’s the only place of deep security and stability in him. That’s where Jesus was rooted, even before he was sent out to minister. He was baptized by John the Baptist and the father spoke. This is my son, whom I love. With him I’m well pleased. That was before he cast out a demon I that was before he preached his first sermon. That was before he healed the sick.

God wants us to stay in that place so that ministry does not become an idol. Ministry does not become what we need to fulfill our lives. And yes, there’s a reality of calling, yes, there’s a reality of gifting. That’s all real. That’s not the foundation of our identity and that’s part of what God’s wanting to build into us. Those messengers that are being prepared right now, those burning ones, those torchbearers God is training us so that we are rooted in our identity in Christ, so that ministry does not become our identity. That’s going to go such a long way into keeping us pure, on the right track, rooted in God, for the long run.

We want longevity. We don’t just want to be a flash in the pan and come on the scene and just burst and then all of a sudden we get pulled away. God’s after longevity, endurance, long-term fruit, lasting fruit, eternal fruit. And so trust the Lord in your own process, wherever you’re at in that journey. Trust the Lord in that process. Just continue to yield yourself to him, keep saying yes to him every day, keep saying yes to him, yes to the calling, yes to obedience, walk in his grace, and you’ll be amazed at how God will continue to unfold and just connect and make things, just make a way for what he’s doing through you, because it’s really all about what he’s doing and what his calling is.

So, yeah, I think we’re in an incredible time in the body of Christ. Like you said, we’re seeing birth, pangs of revival. We’re seeing just beginnings of decades of prayer that have been prayed. Just for all these years of crying out, I believe God’s just beginning to show us the first signs of answer to that. We’re seeing a lot of changing of the guard, because we’re seeing those who have been generals, those who have been leading, just coming to. Maybe they’ve passed away or they’re getting older, they’re passing the baton. So it really is a very key time in the body of Christ at large, and so I would not be surprised at all over this next five years, 10 years, to see an emergence of many of these messengers that, just like John the Baptist, have been in the wilderness. Nobody knows who they are, but God knows who they are and God will bring them on the scene at the right time, at the right time in the right place, and it’s all for His purpose, all for His kingdom, all for His glory.

0:35:48 – Tammie Southerland
Amen, Amen. And I just want to say this as he was speaking, my heart was stirred. I believe there’s somebody that’s watching maybe a few of you and you’ve actually felt a lot of pressure. You’ve been trying to figure out. You know you’re emerging or how do you fit or where’s your voice and I feel like the Lord really wants you to know that the pressure is off, that the calling is to be a son, a daughter. This is who you are and then he’s been deepening those roots for you and solidifying for you your identity as a son and a daughter, not so you can get into ministry well, but so that you will know how to walk eternally in who you are.

And so the pressure right now to perform, or the pressure to be in a position, is off of you completely. It’s not a punishment. You’ve not been put on the shelf. It’s actually because he loves you so deeply that he wants you to know that your eternal identity is His Son, His daughter, and I just wanted to release that. Right now. It’s feeling that burning in my heart. Jake, can you pray, just as we close out, for those that are watching?

0:37:01 – Jake Kail
Absolutely yeah, but love to yeah. Father, I thank you so much for every person watching this right now. God, wherever they’re at in their journey, god, I pray, I pray your Holy Spirit would come upon them in a tangible way even right now. Let the power of the Holy Spirit come upon them. Let your love fill their hearts. God, I pray for those that need deliverance.

I pray for that same anointing of Isaiah 61, lord, that would heal the broken heart and set the captive free. In the name of Jesus, god, would you come and minister even freedom. But right now, in the name of Jesus, I break the power, that spirit of heaviness. I command every spirit of heaviness and oppression to come out, to lift off every spirit of fear to leave the people now, in Jesus’ name, every spirit of infirmity I command to go. In Jesus’ name and God, I pray a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit. Let your Holy Spirit, god, come upon each one in a fresh way. Give us a deeper revelation of Jesus. Empower us, god, to carry your heart, your love, your fire. God, make us messengers of fire, god, those burning ones. I pray your grace, I pray your blessing, your hand upon each one right now, father, in Jesus’ name, amen.

0:38:11 – Tammie Southerland
Amen. Thank you so much, jake Guys, jake has abundance of resources. He’s got a podcast called Torchbearers. He has multiple books that he’s written on the ministry of deliverance and different things. I believe, jake, you have a book, new book you’re releasing right now also, am I right?

0:38:29 – Jake Kail
Yes, I’m working on it right now. It’s planning to be released over the summer. It’s a book on the secret place called Living from the Secret Place. But yeah, all my stuff is on my website. All my books and resources are on my website.

0:38:40 – Tammie Southerland
Amen. So that’s Jake We’re going to have all of that information for you in the description. Follow him, get your hands on some of these resources and man, he’s a wealth of information and he’s as pure hearted as it gets. Y’all know that is so important to me to bring you burning messengers who have a pure heart and they’re actually walking out and living the message that they preach. So thank you so much, jake, for joining us. Thank you, guys, for being with us again this week. Remember you don’t have to burn alone. Be sure to share this out and, you know, let other people benefit from knowing that they don’t have to burn alone. They don’t have to be burning ones that are sitting somewhere in isolation. We love you, guys. Thank you so much again for being with us this week.

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