Intercession, Kingdom Building, and the Power of the Cross with Wayland Henderson

Uncover the profound transformation within the body of Christ and grasp the blueprint of God’s divine revelation in an illuminating dialogue with the passionate Wayland Henderson.

We promise to navigate you through the merging realms of intercession and kingdom building, and the potent role of the cross in intercession. Not just a sidebar topic, the cross is the portal that brings us to the crux of intercession and the deep-rooted connection Jesus holds with His Father.

Drawing from scripture, we take you on an exploration of the Church’s mission as a beacon of the new creation and its duty to reconcile the fallen with the new. Together with Wayland, we discuss the power of words spoken with purpose and their ability to re-establish the lost connection.

We delve into our roles as intercessors standing at the junction of the fallen and the new, advocating for both and bringing them back to what is fully realized in Jesus. Wayland and I also consider the practical application of these profound concepts in arming the body of Christ.

We shed light on how leaders can ignite the hearts and minds of God’s children with the power of the cross, intercession, and the five-fold ministry. The podcast culminates with an insightful discussion on healing, our inheritance as God’s children, and Wayland’s forthcoming book. So tune in, be enlightened, and walk away with a renewed drive to live out your faith in a deeper, more authentic way.

Where to dive in:

(0:00:00) – Exploring Pioneering, Reformation, and Authentic Communion (12 Minutes)

God is doing a powerful Reformation and the body of Christ is able to function with Christ as the head. My good friend Waylon Henderson and I discuss embodying intercession and the beauty of Jesus, the cross, and the throne. We explore how the Lord is shifting and changing Christianity and how He is calling us to receive a blueprint of how He wants to make Himself known. We also talk about the personal reformation we have gone and are going through, and how we are being called to build a tabernacle amongst Israel.

(0:11:46) – Intersection of Intercession and Apostolic Building (7 Minutes)

As the world and the Church transition, we explore how to build with a different mindset than before. We discuss how intercession and building the Kingdom of God intersect, and how Jesus is the embodiment of intercession and restoring what was lost in the Garden of Eden.

(0:18:45) – Importance of the Cross in Intercession (6 Minutes)

We {explore} how Jesus invited us into the same intercession and relationship that he has with the Father, which leads us to the transcendent reality of being seeded with Him in heavenly places. We {discuss} the embodiment of what has been separated, and how the crucifixion of Christ is not a sidebar topic, but the threshold that brings us into what intercession really looks like.

(0:24:24) – Intercession and New Creation in Scripture (18 Minutes)

We explore how Jesus used the song of the exiles to embody the agony of those who have been exiled, signifying how through the power of the cross we are able to bridge the gap between God and His broken creation. We discuss how the church is meant to be a picture of new creation and how we are called to stand as an intersection between what is fallen and what is new, reconciling both back to what is fully realized in Jesus. Finally, we look at how the word, spoken with purpose, is the light of all mankind and how it is the blood language of intercession that brings those out of darkness and into the beauty of what Christ’s blood was shed for.

(0:42:43) – Intercession in Equipping the Body (12 Minutes)

We discuss how to bring revelation to the hearts and minds of the sons and daughters of God. We explore how the pause in this process is essential in order to prevent an entire generation from dying in the wilderness. We talk about how the outpouring of the Spirit is promised, where the sons and daughters can prophesy and the old and young can dream and envision together. We consider how the cross, intercession and five-fold ministry can provide understanding of the order of Melchizedek. We ponder the invitation of Jesus to join in the same intercession and relationship he has with the Father, which leads to a transcendent reality of the Bride of the Lamb. We weigh the importance of pouring out the new wine into the highways and byways, so that those compelled can come in to the marriage supper of the Lamb. As we look to the example of the book of Acts, we see how many different types of people and professions came to the end of themselves. We understand that leaders should be snapping the body parts back into the right alignment and headship with Christ. Our goal is to move away from the five-fold function within the four walls of a building, and instead become an embodiment of the Bride of the Lamb.

(0:55:11) – Inheritance and Healing (6 Minutes)

The Father invites us to enter into the inheritance of those who call Him Father. Jesus’ prayer for all who believe in the word of the Apostles brings a deep inheritance. The Lord is pursuing us and the Father of Glory is releasing a spirit of wisdom, revelation, and knowledge of Him. He is touching places of pain, trauma, and rejection to bring healing and to turn those pains into birth pains, allowing us to perceive ourselves in a new way. When we are given permission to burn and grab hold of the blood of Jesus, the healing oil of the Father of Lights begins to flow and Jesus’ light begins to shine in the darkness of our hearts.

(1:01:12) – Deep Engagement for Burning Messengers (5 Minutes)

We discuss the importance of prayer and intercession and how we can take listeners deep into community to help them apply the things we’re releasing. Wayland shares his experiences with schools, courses, gatherings and other ways to connect with him. We explore how to embody intercession and discipleship in the body of Christ and how to make Christ known. We also cover Wayland’s book on Amazon and his upcoming manuscript.

About the guest: Wayland is a husband, father and lover of Jesus and His people. A lover of the Word and the Spirit, he holds a Masters in Executive Leadership, a Masters in Divinity from Liberty University. Wayland is currently pursuing His Doctorate in Semiotics, Church and Culture at George Fox University. Wayland is a prophet, teacher, author and church planter who moves in a strong revelatory gift with an anointing to impart prophetic understanding across cultural and generational lines. He is a revival strategist and desires to see people transformed through the revelation of the Crucified Christ. He travels nationally and internationally spreading prophetic fire to awaken people to their purpose and assignment.

About the host: Tammie Southerland is the host of Burning Messengers and the author of Permission To Bur: Breaking the Chains of Compromise from a Holy Generation. She is also a speaker and prophetic minister. She releases the sound authentic of revival and messages from heaven as she travels. Her lifestyle is one of prayer and digging deep into the Word of God, her desire is to releasing the Heart of The Father in these last days. She moves in power ministry and is known for releasing the Matthew 3:11 “baptism of Holy Fire” as she goes. ⁠

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0:00:00 – Tammie Southerland
Once we can begin to release that, and I think that’s what we’re doing. It sounds cliche to me because I wrote the book permission to burn, but we are. We’re like we’re giving permission for the body to begin to function with Christ as the head, and that’s the pioneering aspect of this in we’re breaking ground Seems so small to say that, but we’re breaking ground and bringing revelation to the heart, in the mind of the sons and daughters, of who they are, who you are as an intercessor, not just a person who prays, and I believe that’s part of this Reformation that we’re seeing God do. It’s almost like we’re standing with one foot on one side of the river and the other foot in the wilderness. We’re straddling what God is literally trying to part right now for us to cross over. Hi guys, welcome back to the Burning Messengers.

And guess what?

I’ve got my good friend Wayland Henderson with me again this time.

I may have been like, I don’t know, maybe a year, since I’ve had Wayland on the podcast, but Wayland is one of my favorite human beings on the face of the earth and I hope that he will become one of yours because he walks in such a powerful revelation of the beauty of Jesus, the beauty of the cross, the beauty of the throne.

He carries the power and the presence of God. Some of the topics that he’s going to talk about is embodying intercession, and I really want you to hang on with us all the way through this, because it’s not just the words that Wayland speaks, it’s actually the importation that he releases that’s going to pierce your heart and take you into the depths of, really into the depths of the beauty of the throne room, the depths of the beauty of who Jesus is and the crucified life and what it is to walk with him. So I just want to welcome you, Wayland , back again. Like I’m so thankful that you’re here, I would love to just let you share for weeks, days, hours, years, forever, of all the things that God has given you and he’s entrusted you with and he’s causing you to shine right now in such an amazing way. So, Wayland , for those that don’t know you, tell us a little bit about who you are, what you’re doing right now and why do you love Jesus.

0:02:36 – Wayland Henderson
Amen, amen. Thanks, tammy, it’s always good to be with you. You’re like my sister from another mother. We used to say brothers with another mother, but now you’re my sister and I know we got DNA connected somewhere somehow, right? Amen, it’s a blessing to be back with you on the broadcast and blessings to all those who are joining us.

Simple thing about me is I just love Jesus. You know there’s a lot of things I could say, but I’m a lover of Jesus. I love my kids, my father and my husband and those things really shaped me more than anything else. My wife and I, we lead a gathered Kingdom Center here in Arlington. We’ve been in Arlington, texas, for gosh 13 years now. We moved from Pennsylvania outside Pittsburgh, where the Lord came to us in 2008, 2009, that we would move to Dallas and Dallas we wanted the platforms. Revival Our heart has always been in grip. Revival it was never like a buzzword to me. I never chased it. It chased me and grit me and grit me through places of prayer where I can give language to any of it Anything to me really was my hard burn for Jesus and I didn’t have language for where that actually meant, so fast forward.

Coming into where we are now with the Kingdom Center is really different with what we’re doing, but it’s not new, it’s more. It’s not coming into something new, it’s more coming into something ancient.

0:04:10 – Tammie Southerland

0:04:12 – Wayland Henderson
And it flowed out of a personal reformation for me when we moved into Arlington 2010. We came out of seasons of revival when we were in Pennsylvania and it was like the Lord was moving and the gifts were everywhere. God was moving, healing, deliverance, but yet there was such a shallow and immature understanding of who Jesus was and it caused so many problems that began to cause me to reassess what does revival really look like? And so it’s out of that season of a 10-year window when I began to have a personal reformation. But the Lord really began to show me a different picture of okay, there is here, here, my dog dude in the back. Show me this personal reformation.

And a long story short was a Lord led me into okay, I want you to go into a cloud and begin to speak. I’m like, see what? Like, are you talking about an encounter? And I realized he wasn’t talking about an encounter. He was talking about Moses going into a cloud and beginning to see a blueprint of how the Lord wanted to make himself known amongst Israel. And Exodus 2540 says Moses went into the realm of God’s glory and the Lord began to show him a pattern on how he would build a tabernacle amongst Israel. So Israel would be a light to the Gentiles. And it was that backdrop that the Lord said I’m going to take you into a cloud and I’m going to begin to show you a form.

It started from a personal perspective. Then I began to lead into a corporate. I realized the Lord was shifting and it was no longer going to be just a one man, one woman show, but he was showing me body ministry and it’s out of that flow. We’re prophesying this, yet there’s Reformation coming. 2020. Reformation is coming. The Lord is about to shift. The face of Christianity is going to change as we know it. Boy, that’s human ways that you didn’t under.

I didn’t understand the magnitude of it, but that around 2017, 18, the Lord said I don’t want you to, I don’t want you to prophesy it anymore, I want you to build it. I know what that means. That’s a completely different ship, so it was out of that vein. Really, we knew what the Lord didn’t want, but we didn’t really know what he wanted.

He doesn’t want that, but I’m not sure what he’s bringing us into, and it’s out of that journey where we begin to realize what we’re doing now is it’s not just we minister out of our house. It’s not where you meet. It’s how you meet, how the reason we came into our house and begin to oversee several house churches in other communities that expand about from Orleans into about an hour out, is because the Lord was showing us more community, not surrounded around a house, a barn, a building or a tent, but around a table.

0:07:25 – Tammie Southerland
So good.

0:07:26 – Wayland Henderson
And it’s around that table that we’ve been burned to what it means to be authentic, communing with the Lord and communing with each other, and begin to realize that if we could discern the body of Christ, then we could discern his body, which is you and I. And it was out of that flow that really, we began to build in a way that we’ve never gone before, but realized we’re not doing something new. It’s something our generation, but it’s actually bringing us back to original intent.

0:07:51 – Tammie Southerland
So good. Yeah, that’s right, it’s the, in the language, that God had given me was the tabernacle in the table and just that revelation of that. And if we had time we could go into some dreams and things like that. But there wasn’t actually a dream that the Lord had given me, with you and Tom led better and some others that were in that dream, but it was transitioning out of that place, that where we were outside with the youth, where they were worshiping, into the house we were seated at a table together and I think it’s just so beautiful. One of the things that you said that I think some of us may miss and I want to emphasize is it’s not about where we meet, it’s not about the barn, it’s not about whether it’s in a house or in a church or whatever it is. That’s not the emphasis that the Lord is bringing right now. It’s how we meet. It’s him.

And I love that. It’s so beautiful. I just recently did a podcast with Rama trainer and she was talking about the transition that she’s been through as a reformer and how God’s called her attention back to the church where she had pushed the I don’t know the right language to use it but the not the local church, but the system of the church itself pushed away from that, and how she’s re bridging those gaps in us. And so the emphasis, guys, is not about where we meet, it’s about who we’re meeting with, it’s him that I’m meeting with, and so, as we talk about these things, we’re not, we’re not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

It’s not a not for or against local church and it’s like Wayland said, it’s not for against a barn.

So, it’s about him and Wayland . That’s one of the things God has put in you in different arenas probably than you thought you would be. In your, in your professor. Now at Christ for the Nations Institute, god’s putting you before students and you’re getting the opportunity to teach church planning, and the funny thing about that is you’re actually learning what he is saying during this time of reformation, but he’s putting you before students to teach his way. What is that like for you right now?

0:10:14 – Wayland Henderson
It’s what I wish someone was for me when I was at that season and I came in and I mean we can get into all how the Lord supernatural led me into that space.

But being in that class with CFNI and teaching church planning, it’s the opportunity to walk pioneers, budding pioneers or foreigners into a place of transition that we stand in has a body of press where and yet it’s not just where you meet is how you meet in the current experiences that I have is not only do we oversee and fellowship with health churches, but we also have churches and buildings and we all come together and it’s a larger, extended family and no one’s thinking about the space you go into.

Only thing everyone can start with is we’re meeting the Lord at the table and being able to take those experiences into a classroom like that with third year students. They’re about to transition into nations all over the world and begin to build and plant and be able to share those dialogues and bring them into that journey with me and begin to have them to eat from the same table that I’m beginning to eat from begins to open up a space of understanding and how to begin to see the blueprint that we carry individually, but also how we bring it together collectively. That would begin to be a source and a revelation of Christ in any area they go into. I’m having these conversations with those that are going into Brazil, they’re going into Nigeria, they’re going into Nicaragua. They’re taking house churches into Israel. That’s what the Lord is doing is interesting, because one of the things I shared with them is the commission isn’t just to plant churches, it’s to make disciples. That’s right.

That’s it, because the body of Christ is not just those who gather All courts. We gather, we fellowship and we encourage one another, but the body of Christ is the embodiment and the continuation of the incarnation of the word who was embodied in flesh. And to realize that you become the embodiment of the word of God, that becomes sacred space into the place you’re sent into, you decide to build completely different than you would have. If you’re just thinking of an administration and program that you’re going to begin to bring into an area.

It’s that kind of dialogue that we have, that not only do you have to realize the organism of the body of Christ, but also the transition in the season of which you are building and planning, so able to share those stories of coming into a time when the body of Christ is at a transition.

Not only is the body of Christ in a transition, but the whole globe is in a transition. It was like the body of Christ is in a transition at the same time, simultaneously as global continent is being shaken. So every reformer and budding pioneer that is in that classroom all begin to share a similar experience that the world is being shaken and the church is being shaken at the same time. And how you build in this season will not be able to be the same how you built in previous season. So being able to share those things and the nations that I go into and be able to sit with pastors and leaders in a real time and begin to talk about the challenges that they have is a rich type of dialogue and fellowship that I have in those classes.

0:13:57 – Tammie Southerland
It’s so powerful and even as you’re talking like scriptures just popping off in my spirit, because you’re talking about the embodiment of intercession, you’re talking about the embodiment of being the body of Christ. You’re talking about something greater, something bigger than doing the work You’re talking about the. What’s really just like popping off in my soul right now is the you’re prophesying and establishing Romans 8. You’re establishing within the next generation of how to walk out the revelation of sonship and also to embody the groan that the Holy Spirit is releasing in the soul of the son and the daughter and all of creation. It’s such a powerful reality and I did not actually piece that together until you were just saying that, but it’s taken that prophetic enlightenment for lack of a better word of Romans 8 and the awakening of intercession and pulling it into an apostolic reality which is actually building it and sending people out to establish it.

How powerful is that? Well, look at the hour that we get to live it Unbelievable, incredible. And let me ask you that that’s leading you into that this question how does intercession intersect into what we’re talking about building and, specifically, sending out apostolically? Most people don’t connect those two concepts. They think that intercession is a bunch of people that pray, they like to stay in a room and just then we do. We enjoy the glory of the Lord and the presence of the Lord, but we say that’s all. Intercession is these are the intercessors or these are the prophets, these are apostolic people, but there’s not much intersection there. What does it look like to pull the concept of intercession into the establishment of, really honestly, an in time reality?

0:16:11 – Wayland Henderson
Yeah, man, I feel anointing right now. Oh, let me let me see this way.

It’s interesting when you see everything flows out of the beauty and the revelation embodied in Jesus. Jesus is the embodiment of intercession, because when you think of intercession it takes that which was separating and brings it back together. It’s a go between and you look in the garden, that when man walked in the garden, and then through disobedience of the sun, and you look at Luke three and it goes to the genealogy, calls Adam a son of God. It goes through the disobedience of first Adam, that we were separated out of the place of God’s presence. And one of the beautiful things I see about intercession in a prayer life is this communion and communication with the Lord. It is in the garden where Adam walked with God, and walking with God denotes presence, presence denotes communion, communion denotes intimacy and that means that the garden was a place of prayer where heaven and earth converge in the garden. Come on.

In that place of intimacy, that that prayer begins to breathe and live. But it’s also a place of intersection, that heaven and earth convert. And so when it’s interesting that first Adam begin to have that and lose it in the garden, and the last Adam, as Paul declares, jesus, begins to restore it back in the garden, and the garden it gets sent me and he begins to pray until he begins to take his will and his and being God in man and begins to submit it to the will of God, which gives us the grace to lay down our will because he laid down his.

It was lost in a garden by a son was restored by the son. So that’s why the Bible begins in a garden and ends in a garden.

We’re being brought back to that place of intimacy. So it’s out of that place of prayer that you realize that everything about prayer, communion, begins to be an intersection of intercession. So Jesus begins to pray and he begins to become the embodiment of what was separated through disobedience Now has been brought back together. So then you look at Jesus walking with his disciples and the only thing that’s recorded that they asked him to teach them is how to pray. Yeah, now, I’m sure he taught them a lot of things that aren’t recorded. John says that Jesus did so much that it can’t even be kept in a in a it can’t even be contained how much he taught. But yet there’s I think there’s a reason why Luke begins to record Teach us how to pray. Because there’s something about the intimate walk that the Lord had with the father that begins to realize that everything that Jesus did flowed out of his intimacy and prayer, like with the father.

This is each of that. Then Jesus says listen, pray like this. Our father and I begin to be gripped with the revelation of the fatherhood of God that flew the flowed out of my revelation of the Son of God. He didn’t just give us a model to pray and say our father, he invited us into the intercession and relationship that he has with the father, has a son.

Yeah, when you look at that, our father who art in heaven, I begin to realize that intercession means I enter in to the same relationship that the son has with the father who is in heaven, which brings me to a transcendent reality of seeding, being seeded with him in heavenly places. So when he says, thy kingdom come, we become the embodiment of on earth as it is in heaven, not because we’re so great, but we’re entering into the union of what has been brought back together through the son, who’s become both God and man embodied in flesh. When you jump into that and you realize that that is who Jesus is he didn’t just pray, he is the embodiment of what has been separated it begins to open up a dimension of prayer and intercession that I’ve never seen before. Because now you see, how did he do that? Yes, he did that by becoming flesh. But how did he bring us into that is by the intercession of the cross.

0:21:03 – Tammie Southerland
There you go, there you go. And that’s really the point, the threshold that brings us into what really does Intercession look like and I want you to talk about that, because when you say the intercession of the cross, when you start talking about the cross, I think sometimes people are just like we get the cross, like we know Jesus died on the cross, we know that he shed his blood, like why are we still talking about the cross? Let’s go into the deep things of God but, but I want you to talk about that.

You’re talking about the embodiment, yeah, of these things and in this, the reality of the reality, the crucifixion of Christ is not some sidebar topic that we Talk about a little bit more. Wayland , we’re going from building because we’re working backwards. We want to talk about the building, we want to talk about the remove, the movement and the reformation. We like those topics. They cause our heart to burn. We enjoy talking about intercession, but you got. You find yourself back at the cross.

Yeah you always find yourself back at the cross. Why is that so important in air to to really encompass everything we’re talking about?

0:22:30 – Wayland Henderson
we for we can connect it like this when I came in to this understanding of the Lord bringing reformation, it was at that same time that I became gripped With the revelation of a crucifixion.

Lord, yeah, and One of the things that I found astounding Was heat, the writer of Hebrews I believe Hebrews 9 with comparing the priesthood, chapter 789, and even goes on the priesthood of Aaron and the function of the Levites and how there’s an ascended understanding of the priesthood of Jesus, moves after the order, melchizedek, and when you begin to see that there was a mediator, this is by his death the cross began. He began to mediate by his death. I said, wait a minute. So you mean what was separated Now is become brought together by his death. So his death on the cross actually becomes the embodiment of intercession. And then you begin to see when he’s on the cross and you have all of these theological, the theological debates of when Jesus is on the cross and At the hour we get to dark and six hour, to the ninth hour, and he says my God, why is that forsaken In the more you begin to understand that God can’t be separated from God, what’s?

really happening on the cross, that there must be something that is not. The father turns his back on his son because, never been a time in Eternity or in time when God has been separated from themselves. Lord, what are you really doing? He is actually singing Psalms 22, ho, which they? Those were prayers that were sung in the temple. In Psalms 22 he is. He is singing. You say, why is he singing? Because a good Jew would quote a song. They would sing it.

0:24:45 – Tammie Southerland
Yeah, and.

0:24:48 – Wayland Henderson
It’s also the song of the exiles that have been exiled from the temple. So Jesus takes on the embodiment of Adam that was exiled from the garden and he takes on the imbidement of Israel that was separated from the temple, where the tabernacle was, which represented the presence of God. And he sings the song of the exile Because, as an intercessor, he enters into the agony in the place of those that have been exiled. Because those have been exiled, they become the presence of God by his death. Cool.

So it’s by the power of the cross that we enter into the exile of Humanity to be a sign that, through the blood and resurrection of Jesus, what has been separated, father and his creation has now been brought together by his son. And because you and I are a body that extends the sonship of God, we allow the continuation of what is fully realized in Jesus to begin to be realized in us as we become the intersection for new. For creation is like. We are a picture of what new creation looks like. Come on, it. All of creation begins to groom for what is fully realized in Jesus, who is New creation to be fully realized in all the creation. Come on, that’s called new creation. We’re not just called new creation Because it sounds good. We’re called new creation because we’re meant to stand in the midst of fallen nature, reconciling them back to what it means to be new creation, new heavens and a newer. And when you begin to see that, you realize that everything we do in bodies intercession. Say it, I know that was a mouthful.

0:26:48 – Tammie Southerland
No, keep going. It’s beautiful, it’s deep. I know that you know those that are listening right now. If you have ever entered into the place of intercession personally and most of you have like everything inside of you is growing right now because you just began to understand what you have Step into. When you step into that place where you allow the spirit to pray through you with wordless groms, you’ve got to understand that intercession has so much more value eternal value, eternal value. Yeah, then anything else that you put your hand to come on, because what he’s saying, what he just clarified to you, was an understanding of how Jesus himself Growned, how Jesus himself entered into the weeping, groaning experience of David, of those that had gone before and tried to stand in the gap when there was no one.

0:28:01 – Wayland Henderson
Yeah, yeah.

0:28:04 – Tammie Southerland
What an, what an unbelievable gift To be able to embody that very same groan. Wow and then to stand in creation. See, this is why we have to understand, we’ve got to get this to be able to stand in creation as an answer come on. And so then that go. That takes us back to the establishment, the reestablishment, because we’re taking the torch, we’re taking the baton that’s been handed to us, yeah, to manifest the work of Christ in the earth come on, wow.

0:28:51 – Wayland Henderson
And I think sometimes, if we realize what we’ve been called to, has the church a lot of times, especially In different places of discipleship and even in the class, to see if an eye it’s like what would be your heart posture, if you realize the church Is the first fruits of what new creation is meant to look like and we stand has the insert, we stand at the intersection of fallen nature in new creation. Has new creation pulse as this those who are in christ are new creation, or a new genesis, or a new beginning. So you’re like what does that really mean? There are things that are said on purpose, with purpose. Right, you look at Genesis. You merely go back to Genesis one. And what happened? The word spoke and God said let there be light and there was. Like.

When you come to John one, john says in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. But the way that John writes in his gospel, which Many of us could easily miss, is when John is talking about the word. He’s not talking about. He’s talking about Jesus, but he’s talking about a particular way to see Jesus. He’s talking about the word on the cross, the word that is a light and the word that is the Lamb of God. And you begin to read through the very first chapter of John. He calls the one. That is the word that brings light and that light is the light of all men. That same word is the one that John the Baptist declares there goes the lamb and it’s the lamb. That is the word that when he speaks, when we get a revelation of the word of God, who is the land that was slain for us, it is like light shining into the darkness of our heart and God saying let there be life. And that makes us new creation. And new creation begins to be the embodiment of the word of reconciliation.

And when Paul’s reading in 2nd Corinthians 5 that’s, he’s talking about intercession. We are the, we are carry the ministry of atonement, the ministry of atonement, the ministry of reconciliation. And they say something that is incredible. He says, just as God was in Christ Reconciling the world to himself, we stand in Christ place saying be reconciled to God. That is not the embodiment of intercession. That, I don’t know, is a blood language, it’s a blood language. The blood still speaks. The blood still speaks. So when we begin to speak the power of the gospel. It is the blood language that moves, has intercession that would bring those out of darkness into the beauty of what Christ’s blood was shed.

You begin to pray. Different there’s. We love intercession, right, but there’s no mantle of intercession anywhere in Scripture. You ask yourselves. We know there’s intercessors, so what does that mean? The body, the entire body, is called to embody intercession. The spirit of intercession himself needs a body. Yes, say it, come on, and that body is you and I. And the spirit of intercession is the wine that’s poured into a body that is called new creation. And new creation has a certain type of skin and it’s called lamb skin. That’s it. Come on, do you see the fullness of?

that it comes together and it’s like intercession becomes the space in the body that is called the church that is self-giving, self-emptying and self-pouring out In her space of reconciliation through intercession. And you see it all through the Old Testament, the prophets embodied that yeah.

0:33:11 – Tammie Southerland
Yeah, and I love the language that we use right now we’re pioneering new things. The new thing, that’s really the old thing and we’re talking. We talk about new wine and new wine skins, but what you just said brought light to Biblically, scripturally and the power of the spirit and what the new wine skin really is and what it really looks like to. We talk about team ministry, but it’s so much more than that. It’s so much more than us getting together and passing a microphone back and forth yeah, come on. So much more than that.

0:33:52 – Wayland Henderson
What it? What would it look like, Wayland ?

0:33:55 – Tammie Southerland
What would it look like if not just those that are standing on a platform Could learn how to share a microphone? Keep going, jesus, help me. No rabbits Tammy. But, what would it look like if we could truly grasp the intercession that we’ve been in Call to and bring that to the table?

0:34:18 – Wayland Henderson
Yeah, I find it Okay, luke, when he writes his gospel. I’m going to love about Luke is Luke and acts as volume one, volume two and one of the ways that you can read Luke. I’m building to something. It is one of the ways you can read Luke is what’s called. It’s called book ends. Book ends means what’s said in the beginning, with setting. The end gives a narrative or points towards what the writer is talking about all through.

Luke begins to refer to Jesus as a prophet, comes into the temple. Spear the Lord upon me, annoying me to preach a gospel. We captives, all those things. Then he talks about Elijah and Elisha how no prophet is accepted in his own country. So he’s referring to himself as a prophet like Elijah.

Then you get to Luke 24 and the road to Emmaus and they say, oh, jesus is, he was a prophet. And the point is the one of the ways of reading it is Luke is declaring that Jesus is the prophet, like an Elijah that is beginning to teach his disciples that are like in Elisha. And to the book of Acts. It is meant to show that the body of Christ is meant to be a type of Elisha that would be a witness of the resurrection of Jesus. But also the other side of the coin of a prophet is no prophet is without intercession. So one of the things Luke says when Mark says it as well, but in particular Luke when he’s talking about Jesus wants to celebrate Passover with the disciples before he goes to the cross and he calls the man this is your. Find a man who’s carrying a picture. Let him know that the master has native view.

And somehow this master, this disciple, knew Jesus was coming and he prepared an upper room. And the upper room was where they begin to have Passover and the Lord begins to institute. The Lord supper the table in the midst of passive, in that same upper room, when he begins to bring them to the table. It’s also the same upper room where they waited when Jesus resurrected and he passed through the door. It’s the same upper room where he said, terry, and wait till you are in due with power on high. So the place of the table was also the place of prayer, and the place of prayer was where the Holy Spirit came down. And what I found astounding is it in this room. Jesus says I won’t drink of the cup until I come into my father’s kingdom. But there were four cups. They drank of three. If you don’t understand, say to her so where’s the fourth cup? Because the fourth cup is connected to a promise you shall be my people.

0:37:38 – Tammie Southerland

0:37:39 – Wayland Henderson
So the Holy Spirit comes, has an indication that we become his people. So like where’s the? So they come out of the upper room and it says they look like they was drunk with new wine. So there is this combination of embodying intercession and intimacy with the, with Jesus, that blows out of a place of intimacy and prayer where we begin to commune with the body and blood of the Lord so that we would become blessed bread and poured out wine to those who have never tasted of their Creator. Come and all that is connected to a table that becomes an altar where we become altered to begin to brain Christ to those who’ve never seen it Hallelujah. That’s body ministry. That is beyond team ministry.

0:38:35 – Tammie Southerland
Come on.

0:38:36 – Wayland Henderson
No, the team ministry is a good start, but it’s meant to be assigned with the entire body is meant to do Exactly. You know we do a lot of team ministry, but it’s meant to be a sign.

0:38:51 – Tammie Southerland

0:38:51 – Wayland Henderson
If it, I would even say this if team ministry can be a first fruits of what it looks like for a body to move in cluster, then there’s a lot of wine that can be poured out.

0:39:04 – Tammie Southerland
Come on, I will. I want you to speak to this too, because some that are watching, some that are listening. They are not necessarily a part a lot of a lot are part of ministry but aren’t necessarily a part of a functional position where they can even flow in ministry. You’re talking about the first fruit Seeing this begin to take place before the body, seeing people who are in positional ministry learn how to be poured out together, how powerful that is. What do you say to those that are really like I don’t really know how this works for me. I feel it, I’m burning for it, I long for it, but for so long we’ve seen ministry within the box of a platform. How do we go further than that? How does this reach into the guy that owns a business, or the mom that’s at home with her kids, or the guy that’s retired and his wife, or just travel in the world? Where does all this intersect? Or when does it intersect, I think when does it intersect for the rest of the body?

0:40:21 – Wayland Henderson
Come on, I’m so glad you asked it in a way that you did. I think we’ve flipped Ephesians four in a way that was not intended, because when you read Ephesians four in context, that it’s not chapter, it’s a letter and the unisex of the letter is the body. The emphasis of the letter has never been the five-fold function. The five-fold function falls in emphasis of the body beginning to mature.

0:40:51 – Tammie Southerland

0:40:52 – Wayland Henderson
It means every body part is called to grow up into the headship.

0:40:57 – Tammie Southerland
Maturity yes.

0:40:58 – Wayland Henderson
The maturity of the Son of.

God. So all of us are meant to be the workmanship of God that shines in every sphere of influence. Well, a lot of times when people come into our community and people kind of laugh in our fellowship because when they first come in it’s like you’re a leader. I’m like I don’t have a five-fold function. I said, I didn’t say anything. I said you’re a leader. Whether you’re leading across a table with your family Right Reading across the street with your neighbor, whether you’re leading across the highways at your job, wherever your foot has influence, you are meant to lead someone out of darkness into the light of Christ. Right, and anything about five-fold function is meant to equip the body.

0:41:46 – Tammie Southerland

0:41:48 – Wayland Henderson
So if that means that the foundation of leaders is meant to be on the bottom, pushing the body up to do the work of the ministry, so when you see it from that aspect, you should be burning to make Christ known in your household. You should be burning to make Christ known. I have lawyers. I have a lawyer that’s been part of our fellowship who actually want to yell. Has a missionary Wow. And now he sits in his practice and begins to minister to lawyers that would never come to church Come on, but they will come to his practice every day. It’s like there’s a freedom, there is a permission that leaders need to give the body to burn bright with the passion of the Lord to make him known. Yeah, the book of Acts was about it was not about five-fold leaders that were in the upper ring, it was 120 who came to the end of themselves and there were many different type people and professions that were there.

0:42:59 – Tammie Southerland
Yeah, it was 120 that came to the end of themselves.

0:43:03 – Wayland Henderson

0:43:04 – Tammie Southerland
That’s what it is. Yeah, and even as you’re talking, like I’m seeing, we have used the language if you pour in it’s scriptural Jesus said it you pour the new wine into an old wine skin, it burst and the wine is wasted. But I’m seeing this image of the wine being poured out into the highways and byways that’s compelling them to come in. And what I’m seeing and thinking, the spirit, is that so many have been afraid that if we think it’s for the work of the ministry, therefore we in our minds think it’s for. It is for the work of the building which we call ministry.

0:43:41 – Wayland Henderson
Come on.

0:43:42 – Tammie Southerland
And what the Lord has done is he’s called us into unity and Christ in the maturity of the saints, right With the five-fold, into that place of maturing in the intercession. You talk about Melchizedek, but the where he mentions Melchizedek and says that we can’t even understand that he’s telling them. You can’t even understand the concept right now because you’re still consuming milk and not the solid, the meat, the ability to gain the understanding. What, if part of that at least, is understanding intercession and the way that you’re talking about, the embodiment of intercession, so that we can walk after the order of Melchizedek, being able to be priests and kings, not just a five-fold function within the four walls of a building, but that that new wine is not being spilled but it’s being released into the highways and byways, which is what compelling them to come in to, not the church thankful for the church but the marriage supper of the lamp.

0:44:52 – Wayland Henderson
Come on. Yeah, I completely agree. Thanks, the sum. Even the language of Paul uses. The Christ led captivity, captive and gave gifts to men which the apostle, the prophet, to give, some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, shepherds and teachers. All of those are the nature of Christ. Has he moved in the earth as the apostle, the prophet, the evangelist, the shepherds, the teacher? A quippy in one of the words for equipping that love is a Greek word that says when a bone was out of place or broken, that they snap it back into place. So leaders are meant to snap the body part, body parts, back into the right alignment and headship with Christ himself, so that they can be apostolic, so they can be prophetic, so they can be evangelistic, shepherding and having a teaching understanding of making Christ known everywhere the body goes. It’s not meant to suppress the body, it’s meant to cause the body to go up and release the body. That’s right we understand it.

From that perspective, those things are great and they have their place. But the emphasis isn’t on the five fold in that language, it’s actually on the body who’s become a son.

0:46:24 – Tammie Southerland
That’s good, that’s right.

0:46:25 – Wayland Henderson
Yeah, and the thing is, the sun is huge because it was the sun. Adam was the son of God in the garden, Israel is called, has a son of God when you know, moses says this. Yahweh says in Exodus 423, let my firstborn son, israel, go. Tell this to Pharaoh, let my firstborn son, israel, go, or I’ll kill your firstborn, which he refers to an entire nation, who was called a kingdom of priests, had the sun, yeah. So when you begin to see that in Jesus obviously being the son of God, and if the five fold is meant to mature us up into the sonship, then the sons who are led by God is the body herself, who is a bride and a son, that is meant to be the embodiment of intercession, and the hands of feet that flow from his head in every space that you go to. Amen, and we understand that oil should flow everywhere, not just from a platform, but in every space where you can make a note.

0:47:31 – Tammie Southerland
That’s right, and once we can begin to release it, and I think that’s what we’re doing. It sounds cliche to me because I wrote the book Permission to Burn, but we are. We’re like, we’re giving permission for the body to begin to function with Christ as the head, and that’s the pioneering aspect of this, in where breaking ground seems so small to say that. But we’re breaking ground and bringing revelation to the heart and the mind of the sons and daughters, of who they are, who you are as an intercessor, not just a person who prays, and I believe that’s part of this reformation that we’re seeing God do. And it’s almost like we’re standing with one foot on one side of the river and the other foot in the wilderness. It’s like we’re straddling what God is literally trying to part right now for us to cross over. But I believe the pause in it, Wayland , and all the things that we’re talking about right now, the pause is to the slowing down to, because we don’t want an entire generation to die in the wilderness. This time we want to see what he’s promised is the outpouring of his spirit, where the sons and the daughters prophesy, and the old men and the young men begin to dream and envision together.

I believe that’s why we’re feeling like you and I are like, oh, we’ve wanted this for so long, but at the same time, like he’s still increasing our understanding, he’s still increasing our revelation of who he is, even in the simplicity of the cross, even in the simplicity of intercession and fiefal ministry. But at the same time, he’s taking and he’s pulling the body of Christ across, you know, a divide where we thought we couldn’t cross over into. And this is what this is where we are, this is what we get to do, this is what we get to be a part of, but it’s I don’t know. I feel like I don’t even have language for it. Honestly, I don’t have a language for the beauty of it. I don’t have a language for the opportunity that we’re standing in, and I’m not talking about ministry.

0:49:52 – Wayland Henderson

0:49:53 – Tammie Southerland
I love ministry, but I’m not talking about ministry as we know it. I’m talking about being a minister and bringing our kids into the abiding and, in your words, the embodiment of being a minister, and thereby what Bringing in the sheets, by seeing the promises of God at the end of the age begin to manifest, thereby being the answer to all creation that’s groaning For the new creation.

0:50:33 – Wayland Henderson

0:50:34 – Tammie Southerland
What if our kids get to carry that?

0:50:36 – Wayland Henderson
One of the things that really shifted my hunger and my pursuit of the Lord in context of revival and reformation was, or simply said this to me what if what you are praying for wasn’t for your generation, but it was for your children’s generation? Would you still be gripped with the same passion to see me move if it was for the generation that came after you? And it actually increased my heart. One thing that Moses says to the generation in the Promised Land it’s about to enter in and he’s going over Deuteronomy is like telling the story over again of how the other generation missed it and don’t make the same mistakes. And one thing he says in Deuteronomy 4 was he says they heard the voice of God, but they did not see his form. And because they did not see his form, they made similitudes of how they thought he looks. Wow.

She never seen him. Oh, and it’s those who go, it’s the spies that go into the Promised Land and they’re able to bring back clusters of fruit. This is the land is full of giants, but yet it’s also flowing with milk and honey. And the proof that, he says, wasn’t all the, it wasn’t healing, it wasn’t deliverance, it was the fruit Of what a pioneering people that were walking together carry.

And if in the language of the spies is also the language of forerunner in the Hebrew or in the book of Hebrews, what if forerunners could taste and see? Not only taste and see, but be changed by the one that you do see, so that the generation that’s in a transition in the wilderness can taste and see the future through what we embody, so they don’t just have to hear about something that’s coming, they can see it embodied in our generation, so they can carry it and have a different narrative in their generation than we have in ours. And when you look at the word ministry, that’s service. And if we begin to recapture the original tent of ministry as service, then it’s what we lay down for the generation that comes after us is serving them the body and the blood of the Lord, so they can taste and see him in us and through us, so they can carry that, with a different narrative, into their generation. Where they’re not hunger and praying for revival, they become the embodiment of and that’s been his dream.

0:53:55 – Tammie Southerland
Yeah all along, and I’ve often said we’ve not tasted revival. We’ve not seen revival on the earth because we’ve not yet seen what they experienced in Acts, chapter two, because they embodied it.

0:54:10 – Wayland Henderson

0:54:12 – Tammie Southerland
They embodied it.

0:54:14 – Wayland Henderson
Come on.

0:54:16 – Tammie Southerland
I want you to just pray and release in part what the Lord has on your heart. For those that are watching, those that are listening, guys, I just want you to put yourself in a posture of reception right now. The Lord really has something more than head knowledge to release to you right now. I believe that it’s what he said, it’s snapping into place, that he’s going to release to you, even as, as Wayland prays, if you’re riding down the road, if you are sitting in your house and you’ve got chaos, right now, I just want you to put the pause on wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, and I want you just to receive, because I see it in the spirit, I see that alignment happening and that snapping back into place. Wayland , I just want you to pray or even speak as the Lord leads you.

0:55:10 – Wayland Henderson
Amen. There’s an invitation from the father that’s being released to the language of the sun to begin to come into the fatherhood and the inheritance of all those that call God father. So when Jesus said our father who are in heaven, he was speaking to his disciples, but the beauty of that is when he goes into prayer. In John 17, he says not only do I pray for them, but I pray for everyone that would believe on their word. When the book of Acts begins to come forth and 3000 begin to come in to the beauty of what it means to be in Christ, they follow the Apostles doctrine and they begin to break bread together. There is an inheritance that you and I had been invited into, not just by the union with Jesus, who calls God father, but by all those who came before us that call God father. I believe there is an invitation that the Lord is lifting us up and bringing you into a reality of what it means to call him the father of glory, to call him the father of lights, and in him there was no shadow of turning. He is in hot pursuit of you, more than you realize. And a couple of weeks ago. If this is what I’m going to pray oh, don’t mind me is.

I was ministering and I seen the Lord, by his hand, take a house and lift the house up and he began to whisper into the house and then begin to sit the house back down and then he puts his finger Inside the house and I realized that he was putting his finger on places of pain, on places of rejection, on places of trauma, that he would begin to heal those pains. He would begin to heal those wounds that would bring you into the healing of his wounds, that would cause your wounds to be healed and become wounds. That would begin to first something new in your life. And his finger would begin to touch those places of pain and trauma and rejection and bring healing and turn those pains into birth pains, because he’s going to cause you to perceive who you are in ways you never seen yourself before, because the Father of Glory is releasing the spirit of wisdom and revelation and the inheritance of the saints, in union with the sun, is going to be like healing oil that goes down into those places of abandon and you’re going to realize that the Lord is with you and he’s never elected you. And I think, tammy, what I found, especially since you wrote that book, that there is oil and there is a key when you give people the permission to burn and when you give them the permission to grab hold of what the blood of Jesus has brought them into.

So I believe the finger of God is putting his finger on places that you can’t run around anymore, that you can’t prophesy your way out of, you can’t fast your way out of, but he’s putting his finger on those places that he desires to deliver you from and heal you through, so that you become a healing agent and a witness of what God wants to do through you and your family and your places of influence, so that you become a testimony of the beautiful delivering and compassion of the Father and Lord.

I pray, father of Glory, that you would give unto them the spirit of wisdom and revelation and knowledge of you, that the eyes of their hearts would be flooded with light in the same way that the light light of Jesus begins to shine in the darkness of our hearts.

That would be like let there be light, and this light is going to bring a deep revelation of the inheritance of the saints and the exceeding greatness of his power that is in you and that I pray that the power of the resurrection, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead and caused him to be seated at the right hand of the Father, far above all principalities and powers and might and dominion, and every name that is named, that would flow through you right now and break chains of despair and begin to open up your eyes to see in ways you’ve never seen before, open up your ears to hearing ways you’ve never heard before, and release your heart into the freedom of what it means to be a son of God, and that I break the spirit of fear that is connected to slavery, just like Israel, begin to realize that we are no longer meant to be slaves or we’re an inheritance of the God of our fathers.

It just as they had an accident, you’re about to have an accident out of limitations and then to the beauty of the son of God, and I just released that right now in Jesus name. Amen.

1:01:07 – Tammie Southerland
And so good, so powerful, all that you just released. And, guys, I just want to encourage you to even go back and replay this. I really want you to dig deep into this. I know we do some podcasts that are fly by. That was fun, but this is meaty. This is very important for you to be able to walk in, not just what you’re called to, but who you are. Part of our heart is to just awaken you to your heart. You know who you are as a burning messenger, to call you to intimacy, prayer, intercession. But this is one of those sessions, it’s one of those podcasts that you really just need to dig deep into. Thank you so much, Wayland , for joining me Thank you so much for being here again.

Guys, I love you, I’m thankful for you. Share this out. Let people know that we are doing many different things. As a matter of fact, I do want, Wayland , to share their. We’re doing courses, we’re doing gatherings, we’re launching schools. Like we don’t want to just minister to your heart through a podcast. We want to take you deep into community when we want to help you apply the things that we’re we’re releasing and we want to help you to establish that where you are. Wayland , do tell a little bit about the schools. I know that you and Tom are doing some schools. We’re doing some schools. We’re doing some things together. But just share with them where they can find you if they have never followed you, or where they can grow more. And you’ve got a book, another book coming out. You’ve had a book that you’ve released before. Share all that stuff, sure.

1:02:50 – Wayland Henderson
Easy way to find me is several ways on. You can follow me on Facebook, on my personal page where you can follow the Gathering Kingdom Center. You can go on the gather kingdom center dot com, the website. It’s also the greater works generation. We do some things on there as well. You can follow me on Instagram.

Some of the schools that were that time and hour doing together and our friend Tom. They range from five full leaders, but one of the things is really beginning to to increase now is not just teaching five full leaders. All those things are important, but intercession, schools of intercession, the body of Christ, how to embody intercession in discipleship, teaching everyday believers how to know Christ and to make him known. And I’ve written a book on discipleship. You can find that on Amazon. I have a A wall to manuscript right now. That’s in the works that you know. We’ll let you know when that timeframe comes.

But it’s really about what it means to be the testimony of Jesus and how. The spirit of prophecy is not just learning how to prophesy, but a spirit of prophecy is learning how to give witness, to make Christ known, because that’s who we are as the body of Christ. When they see you, they should be able to see Christ through us. So there’s a couple of things that we’re doing. We’d love to be able to pour into you in any space, in any way that we can.

1:04:31 – Tammie Southerland
Yep, and I’ll put the links to all that in the description You’ll be able to find where to follow him, find books. He’s got a sub stack. I don’t know if you’ve heard of sub stack, but sub stack is where he writes a lot of his articles and things and releases really powerful content there. So we’ll put all that in the description. Thank you, guys again for showing up, for joining us with these podcasts. Be sure to share them out, be sure to let people know what we’re doing with the burning messengers. We’re launching a lot of the stuff that we’re doing, the burning messengers. We’re launching schools as well, that we want to equip you and train you. We want to launch you. We want to send you out and always remember you don’t have to burn alone. This is not you and the island to yourself. You’re not alone. There’s other burning ones out there. So be sure to connect in and begin to release out what he is pouring into you. Love you guys. Talk to you soon.

Thank you for listening to this episode of burning messengers. You don’t want to miss what’s coming next week. So if you haven’t subscribed, please do so wherever you listen to podcasts. And if this word touched your heart, please rate and review the show on Apple podcasts. To connect with Tammy, follow her on social media or visit You don’t have to burn alone.