Prophetic Word | Surrender to Humility: A Spiritual Journey Towards Divine Connection


What if your way up was actually your way DOWN? Warning: This episode might challenge everything you know about serving God and leading in ministry. It’s time we took a hard look at the showboats and ministry machines we’ve constructed around ourselves. Yes, those platforms and performances that seem so important could actually be hindering us from truly experiencing God’s presence. It’s a hard pill to swallow but necessary if we’re to align with God’s heavenly blueprint.

It’s time we traded the hype for humility, folks. Let’s explore the imagery of the Titanic, a seemingly unsinkable ship that represents our self-made towers – and how like the Tower of Babel, God is intervening to break these structures down. Through this, we’ll uncover the need for a team ministry and the call to serve our way down in humility. This episode is not for the faint of heart, but then again, neither is following Jesus. Are you up for the challenge? Let’s journey together into a humble surrender, serving and honoring in a spirit-led, not man-led, manner.

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Tammie Southerland is the host of Burning Messengers and the author of Permission To Bur: Breaking the Chains of Compromise from a Holy Generation. She is also a speaker and prophetic minister. She releases the sound authentic of revival and messages from heaven as she travels. Her lifestyle is one of prayer and digging deep into the Word of God, her desire is to releasing the Heart of The Father in these last days. She moves in power ministry and is known for releasing the Matthew 3:11 “baptism of Holy Fire” as she goes. ⁠

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As a matter of fact, the Lord wants you to know that there is no up unless there is a down.

God is calling you to humble yourself.

It says in the word that the humble what will be exalted, and the least among you will be the greatest.

Hi, thank you so much for joining me and I just want to share this word with you, and I want to give you a little bit of an understanding of what God is doing right now. So if I want you to pray right now, god, prepare my heart for what is about to be spoken. Give me discernment that I can know whether it’s you or it’s not you. Father, help me to know your word and help this to identify with your scriptures that are in my heart. And I want to say this anytime I release a word, I do want you to check the word of God, the scriptures, in spirit and in truth, to balance any word that is released. This word about the showboats sinking and the ministry machine breaking is a word for us to understand right now what he is doing, so that we can align our hearts with him. And so the Lord said that this move is sinking the showboats, clearing the hype and the elevated stages and shutting off the spotlights, and we must lean into what he’s doing. So let me explain to you, as I begin to release this word, what the hype is. So the hype that the Lord is talking about is noise. It is any type of worship, preaching ministry from a platform that is absent the presence of God. He’s causing us to return back to his presence, back to his face. If he doesn’t go with us, we don’t want to go. So he’s actually in his mercy. Removing the hype, the elevated stages that the Lord is speaking of, is a man made fame. These are places of performance. The Lord is bringing low all of the performance and bringing high levels of his presence and levels of purity and levels of his fire and glory. So he is just bringing flat, elevated stages, spotlights, spotlights, illuminate performers. Again, the season of ministry performance is over. That is a no more.

The Lord is saying you must come out of her talking about the spirit of Babylon in the book of Revelation. Come out of her so that you can be purified with the fire and you can return to your first love. But let us weep, let us mourn over what we have created ministry to be and allow God to not just eliminate the spotlights but to eliminate within our hearts the desire to perform for him, not just in church but in our everyday life. Let me clarify this the showboat in the spotlight and the of the ministry is what we have created to be about us. I saw a picture of the Titanic breaking in half, the water filling it and it going under. Why? Because the Titanic was the unsinkable ship right. It’s almost a picture of the Tower of Babel where God says no, if I’ve got to come down and listen, we want awakening, we won’t revival. The Lord says I’m answering you, I’m coming down and I’m going to confuse that thing and to break it so that a true move can come forth. This is a word for emerging voices. This means you will have to Prepare your heart and remove from your ingrained thinking that to arrive means to drive, because in this movement you are not going to arrive anywhere Driving alone.

There’s a matter of fact in Ephesians, where it talks about the fivefold ministry. It ends with the revelation that Jesus is the head, that the fivefold ministry is not a pyramid, but the fivefold ministry is a connection of a body with Jesus at the head. To arrive Is not to drive. The Lord is speaking about team ministry in this hour. Also, those leaders who led a generation to serve their way up Are beginning to come and understand that they have Perpetuated the orphan heart. As a matter of fact, the Lord wants you to know that there is no up Unless there is a down. God is calling you to humble yourself. It says in the word that the humble what will be exalted, and the least among you will be the greatest. The spotlight and showboat. Ministry has fed off of this machine that looks like a pyramid, that has a man at the head and has everyone younger Serving their way up, a pyramid where that faults or that old wine skin.

Apostolic movement actually did not mean to, but it communicated without saying if you serve me, if you, if you do the things that I say to do, then you can become me or you can look like me Eventually, and that was never the heart of the Lord. You serve your way down, down. You go low in order to ascend the hill of the Lord, to have clean hands and a pure heart, because your calling is to the throne of God. Your calling is to release heaven into the earth, and that means you come with a broken and contrite spirit Saying I am poor and needy of all the things of the kingdom. God, I’ve got to have you. And so, father, I’m just asking you, lord, even for those leaders who bought into the lie of the latter Right now, that they would begin to understand the reason we have such a problem with the orphan heart even still, is because there’s no Except for down. Father, we’re asking you right now for your mercy as you begin to break down the showboat, as you begin to break down the ministry Machine and you begin to re-institute your alignment, your Strategies, your heavenly blueprint in the earth as it is in heaven.

God, I’m asking you right now that you would begin to show us the truth about the team, how to function as a team, and I want to tell you that the new wine that God is pouring out into the new wine Skin, is actually, as my friend Waylon Henderson says, the lamb skin. The new wine skin is the skin of the lamb, the, the lamb who was slain from the foundation of the earth, the lamb who was seated at the throne, the lamb who, it says, is at the center of it all. The lamb is the only one worthy, and the new wine is Is the grapes that are being crushed or pressed together. Until we come into unity, to know what it is to be unified and matured into him as he pours out his spirit, we’re pressed into each other, learning what it is that John 17 passage that they will know that we are his by our love for one another.

That five fold ministry must be connected to the seven fold spirit of God. We’ll learn about that in another video, but I want you to look that up. The five fold ministry must be connected to the seven fold spirit of God in order to have the lamp stand Strong at the end of the age. And so what? This? I’m going to lead you right now Into a response to this prophetic word. This is what we’re gonna do.

I want you to repent right now and release any unmet expectations and forgive those who thought that the best way to teach you how to go low or how to serve or how to submit was to serve man. Until you could become like the man. I want you to begin to forgive and release and repent for believing that. Begin to ask God right now to uproot those lies from your heart, because he’s setting the stage for you if you are a leader that led that way or mentored that way or spiritual fathered Someone in that way. Just right now, begin to repent and release that to the Lord and begin to pray for all of those who thought that they could become you, whenever you led them to serve their way up. Just begin to release and go into the spirit and break that off of them and then you’re gonna bless an honor by the spirit of the Lord. Both the sons and the daughters and those who mentor, or leaders who mentored in the wrong way, are gonna begin to Bless by the spirit of the Lord, not by the spirit of man.

So what I’m talking about? Honor, not in a way of religious behavioral Modification. I’m talking about honor in a way that it says in James where you honor even the lowliest Among you, or the least shall be greatest. Where honor comes from the heart, by the spirit of the Lord, not by the religious behavioral Education that man has talked you. Where you purse your lips shut and won’t say something because it’s dishonorable, but yet you have bitterness in your heart or we’re gonna break that right now in Jesus name, and then I want you to prepare for team ministry and Function in the church and in business, in team, begin to change the way you see the scriptures and how the gifts of the spirit are distributed upon everyone with different Graces, and it’s not just for the church house, it’s also for the schoolhouse, it’s also for the marketplace, because the greatest apostolic leaders that we see in scripture they had businesses, they were tent makers Paul as a tent maker by trade and they released their apostolic Anointing, their prophetic anointing, their teaching anointing, their pastorial anointing. These anointings they released in every Facet of the culture. That’s how they turned the world upside down, and so prepare your heart for that.

You may be a pioneer, but you are going to come in connection with other pioneers in this hour. That’s gonna cause you to have to humble yourself in the Lord and learn from one another. You’re gonna begin to pioneer with others. That’s the paces of the puzzle come together. That is why it’s important to understand that the anointing, or the new wine, is in the cluster of grapes being pressed Together, being pressed together, pressed but not crushed right, persecuted but not abandoned. Struck down but not destroyed. But we’re entering into this hour where we’re going to see pressing, we are gonna see Persecution, we are gonna see a striking down of things from the the standpoint of the spirit of Babylon and the spirits Of the world. The spirit of the age is gonna try to cut things down that the Lord is doing. You have to understand that you cannot be an island under yourself.

Finally, social media following. Your social media following will not determine your spiritual success. I’m gonna say that again your social media following does not determine your spiritual success. God, may we crush this Eitel the Lord is asking us to crush, to destroy, to obliterate the idol of self-exaltation and social media, the social media, god that we have elevated above everything else. In the church, the Lord is saying if you do not cut this down, you will not receive the fullness of what he has called you to. In this hour you must restore your heart to trusting in the Lord that he will cause another man to praise you and that he will be highly exalted in the earth. It’s an upside-down kingdom, friends.

If you’re called into the media, if you’re called into that area and that mountain, then God is going to take you into that mountain and he’s going to cause you to do it by compelling of a spirit to do what he’s called you to do. But you must not go, look at your likes and your comments and determine your value, your worth or the movement of God according to statistics, or be enslaved to posting every single day on social media. This is a word from the Lord. Finally, you’re going to serve in the unseen places. Lord, help us to serve in the unseen places more than we desire to serve in the same places. Father, we thank you that this is a move and that you are lighting your fire on us, that you’re protecting us. You’re protecting us from the spirit of the age by giving us fair warning to go low so that we may ascend the hill of the Lord. God, I’m asking you right now, for all those that are watching with me, that you release a fresh fire of your spirit, a fresh wind of your spirit. There’s some of you. You’re struggling, you’re wrestling through this word. That is a good thing.

The prophetic word of the Lord is not always supposed to make you feel great.

It’s supposed to make you repent before him so that he can remove what you need removed out of your life, so that you have new, fresh ears to hear and eyes to see, that your heart can be turned towards him and that he can restore to you the rewards that are supposed to be given to you eternally in heaven, so that now the things that aren’t of him will be judged by the fire, the wood hand stubble.

Now those things are removed, so that you can be set forth to do and be all that he’s created you to do and be, but, most importantly, to know his voice, to move in the power of his spirit and to be his son, his daughter, his disciple and make disciples in this hour. Thank you so much for joining me, and if you would go ahead and let us know if this word is speaking to you. And I want to challenge you to take everything that we are speaking, everything that we’re sharing, and go to the word with it. Go, take it to prayer. Don’t just take my word for it, take it before the Lord. Thank you so much for joining me again. You don’t have to burn alone.

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