Embrace Vulnerability for Christ-Centered Ministry with Anthony Medina


In this heartfelt episode, my dear friend Anthony Medina shares his incredible journey from New York City to Dallas, Texas, and how his unwavering faith and constant communication with God have shaped his powerful ministry. We discuss the importance of vulnerability and compassion in order to truly feel the pain of others and show the love of Christ through our actions and interactions.

Anthony’s unique gift of healing and compassion shines through as he shares his experiences with miracles, deliverance, and the challenges faced by those striving to use their gifts in the five-fold ministry. We examine the pitfalls of ranking certain gifts over others and stress the necessity of practice and repetition in order to move in the power of God. With a focus on cultivating a compassionate heart, we explore the importance of servant leadership and emulating Christ in our actions and interactions with others.

As our conversation comes to a close, we delve into the value of community and the significance of finding a support system that encourages growth in understanding God’s power and identity in ministry. Don’t miss this remarkable opportunity to learn from Anthony Medina’s wisdom and experiences, and discover how you too can move in the power of God through a compassionate heart.

The Power of Compassion in Ministry

Anthony discovered his identity and power in ministry through a supernatural understanding of God’s power. His journey began when he was 17 and a man in white appeared in his bedroom. His relationship with God grew as he read the Bible and discovered healing, miracles, deliverance, and more. Compassion is crucial to the miraculous, as Jesus looked upon the people with compassion and then performed the miraculous.

Pursuing Miracles, Overcoming Excuses and Pride

We discuss the struggle some have with the different gifts within the five-fold ministry. We examine how it is wrong to rank certain gifts and how each one is powerful and revelatory. The key is to remember that if Jesus did it, we can too, and it is all about practice and repetition. Anthony shares his own story of how he had to learn to be willing to move in the power of God, which started with a prophetic word from Cindy Jacobs.

Cultivating a Compassionate Heart in Ministry

To move in the power of God, we need to be willing to be vulnerable, to feel the pain of others, and to be willing to be used and even abused. We also need to see people as better and be willing to be a servant of all, just like Christ. It’s not just about mechanics, but it’s about having a compassionate heart in order to move like Him and feel like Him. If we want the greater works, we must first do the same works as Jesus. Anthony shares some resources to equip and train us in cultivating a compassionate heart in ministry.

Reformation and Community

As we close out this conversation, we emphasize the importance of not being alone and finding the courage to be transparent with others. Ultimately, we want to encourage you to find a community and support system that will help you grow in your understanding of God’s power and identity in ministry.

In conclusion, moving in the power of God requires a compassionate heart, vulnerability, and a willingness to serve others. By embracing our unique gifts and focusing on Christ’s example, we can make a profound impact in the lives of those around us and help bring healing, miracles, and deliverance to those in need. With the right support system and a commitment to growth, we can unlock the full potential of our ministry and become powerful instruments of God’s love and grace.

About the guest: Anthony Medina faced many challenges growing up in my tough Brooklyn neighborhood steeped in drugs, poverty, and gang violence. But the Lord lovingly redeemed his rough past, turning it into a joyful present and promising future. His journey with Jesus began at the age of 17. My mom met the Lord, her heart radically changed, and she immediately began to intercede for her family. Because of her persistent prayers, his father and brother gave their lives to Jesus. He, on the other hand, was the rebellious one, preferring the streets over the pew. Mom waged war on my behalf until one evening, the Lord visited me in my bedroom. Overwhelmed by His mercy and love, he surrendered my life to Him. That night, his eyes were opened to the unseen realm. He began to see angels and demons, heavenly beings sent to help us, as well as the powers of hell sent to torment and oppress. Not knowing how to deal with what he was experiencing and unaware of any resources to help me, Anthony had to really depend on the Lord for guidance on all of this supernatural stuff. Holy Spirit began to teach me about what he was seeing and discerning, and most importantly, how to pray. The Lord taught Anthony in simple, straightforward ways, helping me to grow in Kingdom authority. He didn’t know it at the time, but Holy Spirit was revealing to me the realm of the prophetic.

About the host: Tammie Southerland is the host of Burning Messengers and the author of Permission To Bur: Breaking the Chains of Compromise from a Holy Generation. She is also a speaker and prophetic minister. She releases the sound authentic of revival and  messages from heaven as she travels. Her lifestyle is one of prayer and digging deep into the Word of God, her desire is to releasing the Heart of The Father in these last days. She moves in power ministry and is known for releasing the Matthew 3:11 “baptism of Holy Fire” as she goes.

Full Transcript

0:00:00 – Anthony Medina
Right, we want the greater works, but we’re not doing the same works that he did, because I think we’re just missing these key components of Christ’s likeness, which is a vulnerability, which is compassion, which is allowing ourselves to feel in a day and age where you’re not, you don’t feel, you know, don’t feel, especially in the ministry world, like don’t feel, just do the stuff.

Don’t feel, just do the stuff. But we have to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and willing to be hurt, willing to be offended, willing to be accused, you know, accused of things that you didn’t do, talk bad about, because those are the things that he went through And he said we will go through the very things that he went through. So, yeah, be willing. Are you willing? Let me ask you a question Are you willing to have a compassionate heart and show a compassionate heart to others? Are you willing to show a compassionate heart to those that offended you, to those that are speaking bad about you right now? Are you willing to go there? Because if you’re not, then you’re really not going to move in really deep power.

0:01:12 – Tammie Southerland
Hi guys, thank you for joining us again with the Burning Messengers. I’m so excited to bring you into a conversation today that is about the miracle, the signs and the wonders of the Kingdom of God. Did you know that it says every single time in the Book of Acts and throughout the Scriptures that when Jesus shows up, when he moves in signs and wonders, when the disciples move in signs and wonders, that the Kingdom of Heaven is here? And that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Anthony Medina is just a really good friend of mine, but he also moves in a very unique gift of healing and compassion. He likes to bring together an understanding of how the move of God is very much tied to compassion. And, anthony, i’m so thankful that you’re here with me. I really do honor you. I love you, i’m thankful for you and not just for your ministry, so thank you for being here with me today.

0:02:11 – Anthony Medina
Oh, most certainly. It’s an honor And I love you. The feeling is very mutual, although we don’t know each other that long Man. I just love you and your southern accent and all things, Tammy’s southern accent.

0:02:24 – Tammie Southerland
Well, you are really a multifaceted person. I mean, you and your wife, melissa, really burn together in ministry, but one of my favorite things about you is it’s just really not only about ministry for you. This is who you are. This is your lifestyle, your husband, your father, you have a passion for being a spiritual father, and all the things that I said when I welcomed you are great, but I really feel like it. That’s what sums up who you are. I think your representation of who Jesus is. Tell me a little bit more. Tell the people a little bit more about you, know what you do and how do you and Melissa actually just run together in ministry?

0:03:06 – Anthony Medina
Yeah, so quick backstory. Born and raised in New York City, in Brooklyn, new York, we moved to Dallas, texas, after planning a starting a house church in Brooklyn And we moved here in 2005 to go to Bible school. Because, after doing the stuff and doing ministry in New York, god spoke to the both of us and said I want you guys to go to school to get prepared for ministry. And our response to that was well, what in the world are we doing now, you know? so we moved here in 2005 and God just opened some crazy doors and miraculous things happened. And all honesty, me, i just like to.

I guess the way I like to refer to it is that I like to live in a constant conversation with God. You know, one of the first books I read well, the first book I read upon getting saved after the Bible, was the practice of the presence of God by Brother Lawrence. And that book I said if this guy can do it in a kitchen peeling potatoes and washing dishes, then I want to do that. What he did. To this day I don’t know who gave me that book. I say it was an angel, because someone handed me the book and then I never saw the person again, but that really just set a plum line for my life. So I want to be in a constant conversation and communication with the Lord, whether it be for on a stage or playing baseball with my son, or hanging out with my wife or having a conversation with a young adult, i want to be in a constant conversation and communication with Holy Spirit so that I can live from that outflow.

And so for me it’s not for ministry and all honesty. I mean, i’m an honest person. I think you know that about me. Ministry for me is the last thing on the totem pole Right. It’s about relationship with Jesus and communication with him, my wife, my son, and then people that are close to me that I love dearly, and then the platform stuff and then the media stuff and then all that other stuff, and so I try wholeheartedly to stay in that and do life from that place. Now, my wife and I, we’re very, very different. So this is me. The way I’m talking now is me all the time. I mean, you know, you saw me preach. This is literally me standing on the stage with a mic in my hand And, believe it or not, folks, god still moves when you talk low and slow, you know, you don’t have to be screaming. My wife, on the other hand, is very loud, very fiery.

You know, by the end of her sermon she’s all sweaty. By the end of my sermon I’m not. My clothes are still dry, you know. But that’s that’s who we are, that’s how we are, and and because we’re so polar opposite, we just function and mesh so well. I love it And and we really compliment each other in the place of prayer and the prophetic deliverance, all that stuff that we get to do together. But we really do prayer together. You know we’re pastors of prayer at our local church and that under that umbrella comes deliverance in a healing prophetic ministry all of those things.

But we get to do it together and we get to be an example to others, especially especially younger ones that are either coming up in ministry or don’t care for ministry but are in the church and that are like I want to be able to function and have a good relationship with my spouse the way you do with yours, because you compliment each other so well And so we just get to live. we get to live this life together as an example to other people, like you can. you can do marriage well. you can do family well. you can do ministry well because, like you know, sometimes maybe you do ministry well as a husband and wife, but you don’t do the other ones well. Or maybe you do the other ones well, but ministry, no, it’s either one or the other. Yeah, it’s generally not a husband and wife team, and so we’ve really been trying, and we feel like God has called us, to model that for the next generation. So we’re trying our best to do so.

0:07:05 – Tammie Southerland
Well, i think you do. I think you guys do an amazing job at that. And even while you’re talking, i’m thinking about me as a young person. One of the things that really, i guess, stoked my heart and really led me to my moment where I laid it all down for the Lord, was seeing a husband and wife team ministering together. I was about 19 or 20 years old.

19 years old had was broken, absolutely broken, thought that God was totally unable to reach me where I was, and I sat on the edge of a room at a youth group and watched a husband and wife team minister together And I don’t even remember what they said, but it impacted me so deeply that it showed me the mercy and the love of God and that it showed me that I can be restored. And while you’re talking about it, i’m thinking like that’s it And it’s so overlooked. We look at the platform, we look at all the things, but this generation’s looking for family. They’re looking for what does it look like to be restored and be redeemed? And I’m just, i’m so thankful that you guys are walking in that.

0:08:19 – Anthony Medina
Yeah, i mean we wouldn’t want to do it any other way, honestly, because we have so many eyes on us And that’s not I’m not saying that from a haughty standpoint Like we have eyes on us and we want to be a good example to the next generation of not of good ministers, of good lovers of Jesus and of good family people.

0:08:39 – Tammie Southerland
Yeah Well, let me ask you this and this is a little bit off script, what we thought we were gonna talk about, but when it looks, what does it look like for you guys, over the course of your marriage, to learn how to run together like that Because you are so different? you know She’s fiery, you’re more quiet. You know how does it look to learn how to run together, mesh together, with two totally different probably gift mixes and personalities?

0:09:06 – Anthony Medina
Mm-hmm. Yeah, so gift mixes. I’m very she’s, highly prophetic in her own right, but even she would say that I’m the prophet of the family and she’s very much the apostle in the family. You know, she’s the builder, she’s the visionary, and while I do have vision, i’m not like her by any means.

It took a lot of time and it took a lot of growing and all honesty on my end of the equation because for many years and because of the people that we’re around, that we have in our life, these, you know, these big ministry name folks, i would always get the comment of you need to be more like your wife, you need to pray more like your wife, you need to preach and teach more like your wife. And that did something to me when I was younger. It did something that wasn’t good. Yeah, because it took me out of my identity and tried to get me to be more like her, and so anytime we did try to do stuff together, i was trying to basically copy her, you know, and that didn’t go off well. I would teach poorly, i would stutter, you know. I would twist words, i would break out into cold sweats. Anytime I grabbed the microphone, i just couldn’t do it. You know I would freeze up Because I was trying to be more like Melissa Medina when I just needed to be like myself, and that really sent me on a journey of peeling my identity.

And I recently actually did a class for a friend of mine named Anna Werner at her school.

She asked me to teach on healing your identity And this was basically it. That’s what it came out of, you know, my journey of basically becoming myself, you know, and learning who I was in light of the Lord, compared to who my wife Melissa is, and embracing who I am, fully embracing my gifts, embracing my God-given abilities and embracing my temperament and character as well, not just my gifting, my spiritual gifting, but embracing this, this meekness, this quietness, the tenderness, the tender person that I am versus, you know, the loud, the fiery person that she is, and being fully secure in that so that I can function well with her and compliment her like I’m supposed to. And so once I got to that place, then I mean it just took off for us And then we were really able to minister together. Where she had a part, i would come behind her and had a part, and vice versa, you know, and that’s when God really began to move during our times of ministry together, when I really learned who I was, basically coming into my right identity.

0:11:40 – Tammie Southerland
Man that is so, so powerful. I believe that even those that are watching our show is burning messengers, and we’re really talking to those who whose hearts burn to be a voice, to be a messenger. And I think that this is very, very significant for those of you that are watching, because we talk about the fire a lot here. We talk about the spirit of burning and you know and I tend to be that loud person But I think what you’re sharing so important, because God moves in power through every different facet of his basically himself, in the personality of his creation.

That’s what we are. We’re his identity, We’re in his identity, We’re his creation And I think some of those that are watching right now really needed to hear that. Some of you guys needed to come out of competition with your spouse. Some of you needed to come into your identity and this is your freedom to step into that. And, Anthony, I think it’s important obviously to the Lord to mention what you just mentioned. I would love to know, you know, just as you’ve come into this identity, how you discovered such, I guess, such a supernatural, natural understanding of the power ministry of God.

0:12:58 – Anthony Medina
Oh well, like I said after I, my salvation experience was one of power. So I began just to make a long story really short. I began to pretend to go to church. My dad, who benched for us 400 pounds at the time, would force me to go. I didn’t want to be there. I liked a girl and my own, one of my dad’s brothers, who was a deacon, said you know, if you like that girl, her parents are going to let you date her only if you are actually here in church and engaged. So here’s what you need to do You need to pretend like you want to be here. So I did that for about two months. I pretended like I wanted to be in church, like I enjoyed it, but on the inside I was struggling. I was dying. I didn’t want to be there. Just this five hour Hispanic church services. You know what I mean. I didn’t want to be there.

And then one day at two months, two months into this pretending, pretend Christianity I’m in my bedroom. Before going to bed, i what I now know as a prayer. I make this statement audibly. I said you know, if this Jesus thing is real, you’re going to have to show me. And then this man in white appears in my room And in it I felt equal parts fear. Like the man in white that’s standing there can kill me instantly. But I also felt this love, like this person in white loves me so much that he’s not going to kill me. And then, obviously, i recognize Jesus is standing in my room. So I guess you are real, so I need to give my life to you.

And then, you know, from that moment and I didn’t say some scripted prayer, i just said, okay, i’ll follow you because you are real. And then I just had this desire to read this book, you know, and I started reading the Bible, I started reading Acts, i started reading the Gospels and I saw miracles. I saw miracles, i saw healing, i saw. Well, if the man in white that was standing in my room did that stuff, that means I could do that stuff too, because I read in this book that the disciples could do that stuff, that the people that followed him, and now I’m following him. That means I need to do the stuff as well.

So from early on that was at 17. From early on, i started hearing the voice of God, i started seeing in the Spirit, i started. You know what I now know as healing right. I didn’t have language for it. Back in the day, i was just like, well, okay, be healing, i’m going to pray for healing, i’m going to start doing doing those things right. I didn’t have formal training like people like to have now.

I didn’t go to. I didn’t go to a healing school, i didn’t go to a school of the prophets, i didn’t. You know, i just read the book and did the stuff. Yes, that’s it. But it came simply, it came out of relationship, in all honesty.

0:15:36 – Tammie Southerland
So a big topic for you is compassion. Why is compassion so important to the miraculous?

0:15:47 – Anthony Medina
Well, a big linchpin verse for me is Mark 6, Mark 6, 34.

When he went ashore and saw a great crowd. He had compassion on them because they were like sheep without a shepherd, and he began to teach them many things. And I read that verse and I realized like Jesus did pretty much everything that he did, and that that phraseology in scripture, especially in the Gospels, is it’s, it’s found very often Jesus looked upon them with compassion, you know, he looked upon, he looked at the people and he had compassion for them. And, you see, more often than not, that led into the miraculous, that led into the multiplication of food, that led into deliverance, that led into healing, that led into, you know, somebody coming into their right mind, whatever it may be. When he looked at a person, when he looked at a crowd with, and he had compassion, he had this thing that was outside of himself, like I need to give myself fully to these people because they’re hurting, because they’re in pain. And when I was like, okay, i just started praying and asking the Lord okay, well, if Jesus did that looked at people with compassion and then healed them and then delivered them and then, you know, provided for them, why can’t I do that too?

And so I just began to, began to try it out, you know, when I was in ministry settings, when either it’d be one-on-one or in a corporate setting, i was like, okay, father, let me let me look at these people with compassion. What? what is your compassionate heart towards them in this moment? You know, and I would ask internally, i would begin to ask Holy Spirit questions Okay, the person that’s standing in front of me for personal ministry, how how are you having compassion for them right now? Let me sense your compassion for them in this moment and what that compassionate heart is tied to. And when I would sense that, then I would go in that direction.

Whether it was healing, whether it was they were grieving a relative that passed away, whether they were grieving loss of a job, a loss of a relationship, whatever it was, whether they were in bondage and they needed deliverance, they needed some emotional healing, whatever it was. I asked God to let me sense his compassion for the person, or let me sense his compassion for the crowd, and then let me move in that manner, because that’s what Jesus did. And so I just, i just went for it, and now, every time I, every time I minister, whether one on one or corporately that’s that’s how I go about it And I see miracles and you know God heals and.

God delivers and God restores. and you know he restores joy. That’s, that’s a big part of it, right? He restores joy because he had compassion.

0:18:37 – Tammie Southerland
Yeah, yeah.

0:18:39 – Anthony Medina

0:18:40 – Tammie Southerland
That’s so good. I would love for you to speak to a specific wrestle that some people in ministry have. We talk about the different gifts within the five fold and we tend to label certain gifts to move in certain power miracles and others don’t. And I’ve even heard it said well, this particular gift moves in the miracles and this particular gift, you know, may move in deliverance but not in healing. You know, how would you speak to that kind of what I believe is honestly an excuse? How do you speak to that? and what do you say to someone who says, man, i’ve prayed for the sick and I prayed for the sick and I prayed for the sick. I’ve not seen him healed, but but I see people delivered.

0:19:23 – Anthony Medina
Well, i would simply say this that if Jesus did it and we’re supposed to be like him, that means we get to do it too. So there really isn’t an excuse. I know we like to put, you know, certain giftings under certain hierarchies, and these are power, these are revelatory. Well, everything is powerful and everything is revelatory, right, and so the sick? it reveals Jesus. And if we give a prophetic word, it reveals Jesus and it’s powerful because you’re speaking on his behalf and telling something to somebody that you didn’t know, naturally. So it’s all power and it’s all revelation, it’s all displaying his beauty and his glory and it’s all revealing his nature and his character.

Well, i always default to. If Jesus did it, then I can do it too. Whatever it is I can do, because he’s called me and he’s called you to be just like him, to be like Christ. And if we get to be like Christ, it’s not in certain aspects, You know, it’s in fullness. We get to fully be like him if we’re willing, if we’re willing to continue pushing on when you don’t see the results and I don’t like to use that word because that’s very corporate, that’s a very corporate word. You know we need to see results. But yeah, you know, if you don’t see results you pray for the sick and they don’t get healed You know what you get to do. You get to continue to pray for the sick because even if a sick person that you pray for doesn’t get healed, they’re feeling very loved that you actually took the time to pray for them.

0:20:56 – Tammie Southerland

0:20:56 – Anthony Medina
Even if nothing happened, because they feel seen and they feel known, at least by a person that loves Jesus. So they see, they still see an extension of Jesus, even though nothing may have happened necessarily. But I prayed for the sick and nothing would happen until stuff started happening. That’s right.

0:21:14 – Tammie Southerland
That’s good.

0:21:15 – Anthony Medina
I had to build a muscle.

0:21:16 – Tammie Southerland
Yeah, how do you build that muscle?

0:21:20 – Anthony Medina
Practice, practice, just like in anything. You want to play the piano, you got to practice. You want to play the drums? you got to practice. You want to. You know. You want to hit a 95 mile an hour fastball, you got to practice. Yeah, you want to heal a sick? you got to pray for the sick, that’s right, it’s practice. It’s all practice. You want to prophesy? You got to be willing to prophesy and be willing to miss it. Yeah, it’s all. It’s all practice. Repetition at the end of the day.

0:21:49 – Tammie Southerland
That’s good. So how did you start practicing? Did you start praying for people you know as often as you could? How did that happen for you?

0:21:57 – Anthony Medina
Yeah, i mean, it started first in the local church and then everywhere that I went, you know, i would see folks sick and in need, whether a store, whether you know, whatever it was. I was just willing to try. Yeah, i was just willing to try. So, so how did I start? First thing, i was willing Quick making a long story very short, 2014, i got a prophetic word from a spiritual mother of ours named Cindy Jacobs.

She gives my wife a word, gives me a word. The word she gave me was about New York City, and we’re originally from New York, like I said earlier, and but I always said, since we moved here, we’re never moving back. And so she gives me this word about New York City and afterwards I sent her a text message. So did you mean by giving me this word, that we were moving back to New York City? And she responds she says no, that’s not what the Lord told me. And then she said this but one must always be willing, and I realized in that moment that I wasn’t willing.

I wasn’t willing to move back to New York City because when people would ask me, i would literally say in order for God to get me to move back to New York City, he’s going to have to come down on a cloud throwing lightning bolts in my behind and to get me to move back. And so fast forward. Two years after that, after her saying one must always be willing, we find ourselves in New York City prepping the preach The first time. First, open door in in our home, in our home state, and the morning of we’re just going over notes and praying, and while in prayer the Lord speaks to us and says you guys have forfeited your authority, your spiritual authority, in New York City because of the words that you’re spoken and you’re unwilling to move back here And so that led to?

that led to a long repentance session, obviously, and a restoration of authority, because we had delegated authority, because that’s our homeland. Yeah, but we weren’t, we weren’t willing, and so I’ve taken that obviously into into everything, because I’m willing to do anything else, but I wasn’t willing to move back there. And so you have to be willing to pray for the sick, you have to be willing to get out there and prophesy and look a little foolish.

0:24:06 – Tammie Southerland

0:24:07 – Anthony Medina
You know, and lose a little dignity.

0:24:10 – Tammie Southerland

0:24:10 – Anthony Medina
If you wanna see God actually move in power in your midst and through your life. So you have to be willing and you have to practice, and you have to continue to practice. And when he says to do something, go give that person this word, pray for that person. You have to be obedient, because obedience is greater than sacrifice. So you have to be obedient And that’s probably the thing. Everything else hinges on Obedience. First, obedience to the word. He tells us to heal the sick. He tells us to cleanse the leper. He tells us to raise the dead. Obey that and be willing to try it every single time and every single place that you go to, and you’re gonna see miraculous things happen.

0:24:52 – Tammie Southerland
Wow. So what it sounds like to me is a lot of our hurdles pride.

0:24:57 – Anthony Medina
Mm-hmm More than anything.

0:24:59 – Tammie Southerland
So it’s us we’re the problem. We’re not necessarily the problem because we don’t have access. We’re the problem because we have the fear of man and pride, and I think that’s for me, that’s a very real thing. I have a very personal connection to what you’re saying and you’re talking about. we’ve talked about compassion. We’ve talked about flexing that muscle and that the last time you and I were in the room together we ministered at the same conference together You came over and you laid your hands on me, prayed for me and you were moving this teaching of compassion. I literally felt the like. I felt the compassion of the Lord and the groan for his people laid on me, anthony, like I felt it lay on me in that moment. And three weeks later, my daughter is in the hospital fighting for her life. There is like, literally, they’re telling us that she’s not gonna make it And there was one thing that I could say throughout that whole process was Jesus reigns.

It’s all that I could say. But the compassion piece this is what the Lord showed me in the hospital is that when Jesus came to the tomb of Lazarus, he wept And that word there is. Jesus groaned, and so he groaned with the very bowels of his compassion. And so there was something that was laid on me, not just for ministry. there was something that was laid on me to experience, to raise up for my own family, for my own child, and I began to understand the significance not just of what you had taught, not just what you had prayed, but the significance of the groaning, of the experience of feeling what, not just what Jesus feels, but Jesus feeling what we feel, and I think that’s a key. I don’t know if it’s something that you’ve probably, you’ve probably understood that, but it’s something that was really revelatory for me. And, honestly, after God raised Jaden up and she had a creative miracle, there was a mantle almost that sat on our family for months and months and months after that. that it was just the compassion and the power of God to give away what we had received.

And so I don’t know, i think that the different topics we’re talking about are actually converging in this. it’s family, it’s personal, it’s intercession And it’s Jesus. it’s that one where Jesus reigns, and where Jesus reigns, everything has to be still. But I just wanted to share that. I would love for you to spend just a few minutes just really speaking to those that are listening, specifically to those that are wanting to receive an impartation of compassion. They wanna step out and they’ve had. whatever the hindrance is. I would love for you just to really just go after the messengers, those that are watching right now.

0:28:07 – Anthony Medina
Yeah, certainly. I wanna say this to those that are watching, those that are listening Compassion is costly. All right, one of the things right, we went different directions. One of the things we were gonna talk about, possibly, was spiritual father and spiritual parenting. And to do that, you see Paul and Timothy, and that was costly for Paul. It was costly for Timothy as a son in the faith, but it was very costly for Paul.

Why? Because we are giving of ourselves at a level to another that you don’t necessarily give to everyone. You do that for your family, you do that, you do that for your spouse, you do that for your children. You do that for your immediate family, maybe, but then for others who are not blood that come into your life, whether it be somebody that you’re ministering to, whether it be somebody that you’re fathering or mothering, you’re giving of yourself at a level and allowing yourself to feel at a level that you don’t with everyone. And so there is a real aspect of vulnerability that comes, and transparency as well, but really being vulnerable to allow yourself to hurt, being vulnerable to allow yourself to carry others’ pain, to be a burden bearer, because that is the essence of compassion.

That’s what Jesus did. He looked at the crowd that were like sheep without a shepherd. They had no guidance. So he came on the scene and saw all that and felt all of that. So he began to feel their burden of being lost, being wandering. He began to see their hurt and see their need. So he stepped in and filled it And he taught them and he healed them and he fed them and he did all those things for them from the place of compassion. But he had to, because he was fully God, yes, but he was also fully man. So he had to allow himself to go there as a Jesus, the man, and be vulnerable and be willing to feel their pain and feel their ache, be willing to be used, be willing to be abused right, because that is a part and Tammy can tell you this as well. There are parts and aspects of ministry where you will be used. You will be abused by others. You will just be used for your gift. You will be used because you’re compassionate and people will take advantage of you and hurt your heart. But you know what you have to do is you have to get up the next morning and do it again, because that’s what Jesus would do.

And so all of these things, the vulnerability, the compassionate heart, seeing people as better than being willing to be the servant of all, like it says in scripture get down and wash somebody’s feet, get down and serve them even if they mistreat you, even if they abuse you, be willing to take people in as family Those are all aspects of compassion that we need to have to be able to fully walk like Christ, in my opinion, because he did the stuff with a compassionate heart. So why not us have a compassionate heart to do the very things that Jesus did? It’s not mechanics. We look at spiritual gifts and we’re like man, these are just tools, but it’s like an engine, they’re just parts, they’re just components, but for us we have to function from a different place, and that’s a compassionate heart, to really be able to move like him and feel like him and see the things that he did. In my opinion, we want the greater works, but we’re not doing the same works that he did, because I think we’re just missing these key components of Christ likeness, which is the vulnerability, which is compassion, which is allowing ourself to feel In a day and age where you’re not, you don’t feel, you know, don’t feel, especially in the ministry world, like, don’t feel, just do the stuff.

Don’t feel, just do the stuff. But we have to allow ourself to be vulnerable and willing to be hurt, willing to be offended, willing to be accused you know, accused of things that you didn’t do, talk bad about. Because those are the things that he went through And he said we will go through the very things that he went through. So, yeah, be willing. Are you willing? Let me ask you a question Are you willing to have a compassionate heart and show a compassionate heart to others? Are you willing to show a compassionate heart to those that offended you, to those that are speaking bad about you right now? Are you willing to go there? Because if you’re not, then you’re really not going to move in really deep power.

0:33:00 – Tammie Southerland
Wow, That’s so powerful, everything that you just said, guys. I hope that you really allowed that to sink in, Anthony, would you? would you just pray for those that are watching?

0:33:15 – Anthony Medina
Yeah, certainly, Father. I thank you for those that are watching right now, those that are listening And ask, Holy Spirit, that you would begin to impart the heart of Jesus, that you would draw them into that place of compassion. Allow them to feel the heart of Jesus for them personally, what you’re feeling, what you want to do in their lives, your thoughts towards them. Allow them to feel your heart for those that are around them, their immediate family, their spouse, their children, if they don’t have their best friends, you know. Allow them to feel if they’re in ministry, allow them to feel their heart for those that they lead, those that they pastor. Allow them to feel their, feel your heart for their employees.

God, I asked that you would begin to open them up to your compassionate heart for them and for others and allow them to carry that, to be able to see what you want them to see and do what you want them to do, fully, without reservations, without fear, without any anxiety, but in great boldness, because behind compassion comes boldness to do the stuff, to do the miracles, to deliver the people. Because we need compassion to cast out devils, We need compassion to multiply food, we need compassion to see the miraculous. So, God, I thank you for an impartation and release of the compassionate heart of Jesus to those that are watching and listening right now. In Jesus’ name, amen.

0:34:56 – Tammie Southerland
Amen. Thank you so much, anthony. What a powerful, powerful conversation. So much to take away from it. My heart is burning, anthony, do you guys have any kind of equipping or training? I know Melissa has recently written a book. What are some resources that you guys have and how can people find them?

0:35:19 – Anthony Medina
Well, i will be very honest there. Our first of all, our website is hopefirescom H-O-P-E-F-I-R-E-Scom. You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I do more on Instagram now. Anthony underscore Medina, but we are now because we’re such hidden people. We love to live hidden and that’s probably to our detriment a little bit. But we’re now starting to work on different resources. I’m working on some e-courses and probably some mentoring program as well, but you can keep tabs on my social media and on our website as well.

0:35:58 – Tammie Southerland
Awesome, awesome. Well, i look forward to whatever you guys are going to release out there and it’s, i’m sure, gold what you guys released locally. Guys, anthony, medina hopefully we’re going to have Melissa on soon. I would love to have you back together. It’s just so unique what you guys walk in. I’m so thankful for you. Thank you so much for jumping a hold here with me and having this conversation.

Guys, follow Anthony, find their social media, play this again, listen to it again, soak it in again. Really let this get in your bones, because what he’s releasing to you, what he’s speaking to you, it’s not just head knowledge. This is like a literal thing that God wants to cause your heart to be turned and honestly torn for those whom he loves. I believe we’re in the midst of a reformation. Thankful that we’re in the midst of a reformation in the ministry world right now, where we are returning back to the feet of Jesus and being his hands and feet. It’s not about us, it’s about him, and thank you so much for joining us. And remember, you guys don’t have to burn alone. You do not have to be alone in this. Others out there like you and go find community, stay with them and we’ll see you next time.