The melody of the song, “Hail to the Chief” filled the air as I watched former President George H.W. Bush’s casket near the Capitol rotunda, where he will lay in state for a time. There are several steps at the entrance of the rotunda. How do they successfully get the casket to where it needs […]

Sometimes to get freedom, there is war first. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Hurt people hurt people”? It’s true. After a conversation with my leader a couple of weeks ago, I found myself in an all too-familiar cycle. I replayed the sentences in my mind, appalled at what was said. I was offended because […]

What does it mean to rest? Does it mean that we don’t have to do anything and we can expect God to do it all? Not exactly…but we do have to sit down and take our seat! Take Your Seat As we are occupying the earth and taking territory for the kingdom of God in […]